Friday, July 29, 2011


If like me you live in a cold country these new tights with built in socks could be the answer to your chilly toe winter nightmares.  Apparently they have been around for a little while now but I have only recently come across them.  Called Bootights the offical website states that they are a 'premium tight with a performance sock attached so your legs look amazing and your feet feel great all day long.'

Semi-Opaque Mid-Calf
Semi-Opaque Mid-Calf
Netscape Fishnet
No more will you have to place a pair of socks over your tights to stop them wearing away against the side of your boots.  I can really see these working and being much smarter than when you're travelling through the airport or trying on shoes in a shop and take off your boots only to reveal pink fluffy socks pulled up over your tights underneath!
Calliope Argyle
With a mix of tight material and sock length combinations the website is worth checking out to find the right style to suit your needs.  At $30 a pair they don't come cheap though the website is currently offering free shipping when you buy two pairs or more.  As autumn approaches I might just be convinced to give this new creation a go!

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