Friday, December 12, 2014

Wedding decor preparations and midnight blue nails

Hi there!

How quickly has this past week gone by?  I can't believe it's already Saturday tomorrow.  We have been busy, as I keep saying this is the busiest time of the year for the theatre.  Asides from enjoying the shows I am mostly looking forward to going home for a three day Christmas break.  At the moment the days consist mostly of hard work in the theatre and the evenings are mostly hot baths and candles (and chocolate).  The dark dreary weather is still a little difficult to get used to.  Adding a bit of brightness with a few choice cosmetics helps in the morning.  I think I just came up with a blog post right there!
Can you sense the greyness in the background?  We spent a few minutes making paper snowflakes (as you do!).  Surprisingly there isn't much snow on the ground.  Unusual for this chilly country.  It was snowing whilst I was walking home from work today though so who knows what I will wake up to tomorrow!
I made our first tissue paper pom pom as a tester for the wedding decor.  I think it turned out quite well!  Definitely planning to make some more although probably when I'm back home as I'm not sure how well these would hold up to transportation!
The dark evenings had me craving some darker colours on my nails.  This is one of my favourite shades, a rich dark midnight blue by China Glaze.  It's quick drying and applies well but I think because I didn't apply a top coat it started to chip after a couple of days.
My fiancé has been making some letters to apply to a photo backdrop for the wedding.  Gold and pink are in our colour scheme.  I think they look pretty cool.
I just love these matte gold sequins.  I'm thinking of using them to tie around the bouquets of flowers.
Are you thinking of making your own photo booth backdrop?  We looked in to hiring one but they were quite expensive and we don't really have the budget for it.  It's exciting to see all the little craft wedding details coming in to reality!  Luckily we have some really good inexpensive fabric stores near to us which helps with the crafting preparations.
Well time to get back to my chocolate!

Till next time :)


Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas preparations, reading and lipstick

I hope you are enjoying December.  Things have been getting Christmassy at home.  Paper snowflakes have been made and the Christmas tree has been put up.  I have even had my first glass of mulled wine and it was delicious.  The only thing that hasn't gotten under way yet is Christmas shopping, but that is normal for me!  I'm definitely someone who leaves it until the last minute!  Not because I don't think about it but because I do think about what to buy for ages!
I've only got two more weeks left at work before I can go home for the Christmas holidays and I can hardly believe it.  Those two weeks are going to be some of the toughest to get through because that's when a lot of performances get crammed in.  The Christmas holidays are the time when people seem to enjoy going to the theatre the most!  Luckily I caught up on a lot of sleep this weekend so I should be prepared!
As I recently finished reading the Great Gatsby I was trying to think of something else to read and this came to mind.  I was going to buy something but then I realised I could be thriftier by reading something I already owned.  I bought this years ago and just could never get in to it but this time I'm going to give it more effort.  The only time I find I can relax and focus my mind on a book is when I'm in the bath and these cold months are definitely the best time for that so maybe I'll finally get in to it!

Pink Thistle shade 36
Speaking of shopping my own stash of goodies I recently wanted to jazz up my make-up look for the weekend and came across and old favourite lipstick I haven't worn in a while.  It's number 36 by Art Deco from the Perfect Colour Range and is such a gorgeous wearable pink.  On the website it's called Pink Thistle.  It's creamy and relatively matte, which everyone seems to be in to at the moment.  It doesn't slide straight off the lips, the pigmentation is very good and the price is affordable.
I like the shade because it's pink and stands out on the lips but isn't so bright that you feel uncomfortable wearing it in the day time.  In my picture it's slightly more glossy looking because I had put it on over a natural but glossier lipstick that just wasn't doing it for me that day.
Art Deco Lipstick Shade 36
That gave me a reason not to spend any more money on a new lipstick that day but today I wasn't so well behaved and bought myself a new dark red (it was on sale!).  I got the L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick in the shade Blake's Pure Red.  I will have to take some photos of that soon.
Time for me to get ready for bed!

Till next time :)


Sunday, December 7, 2014

November Favourites


I hope you are having a good day.  It's already in to December so it's about time I put up my November favourites!
Garnier Fructis Detangling Spray
Garnier Fructis Nutri Repair 3 Oils Instant Detangler
My hair is not in the best condition right now.  It needs cutting and seems to get itself tangled in to knots pretty frequently!  When it's really bad just after washing it and towel drying I add quite a hefty amount of this detangling spray.  It definitely makes a difference to getting the knots out!

Lumene Vitamin C Pure Radiance Eye Cream
The bags under my eyes can be pretty bad at this dark, sleepy time of year.  I've never really used an eye cream before, not regularly any way.  I'm pretty sceptical about eye creams and whether they make a difference but for some reason (out of desperation maybe) I've been using this one quite a lot recently.  I don't have much time to analyze my face in the morning but the cream itself does seem to add a certain radiance to the area once applied.  Also a tiny amount seems to go a long way.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver
I've written about this a few times now but it's just so useful at this time of year.  I don't know what it does exactly but when the wind is chilly outside it just seems to add a little bit of extra protection from the elements.  My skin feels really nice with a tiny bit of this on and it smells delicious too.
Clinique Travel Exclusive Review

Clinique Travel Exclusive Make-up Set
I've had this travel set for ages but last month I found myself using the eye shadows from it over and over again.  They are probably the nicest eye shadows I own.  There's a gorgeous red-y copper toned shade and a nice medium brown shade that are good for day time wear.  They aren't too stark and look fairly natural with a nice subtle shimmery-ness to them.  The texture of them is really soft and they apply so nicely.  I think this palette is still available at the airport as I remember seeing it in duty free fairly recently.

So that's my favourites from this month.  More skin care than beauty but I guess that's the nature of fighting off the winter freeze!

Till next time :)


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Little things: Angels and Hearts

Hello!  It's nearly Friday!  That thought cheers me up.  I am really struggling with the weather lately.  All day long yesterday and today it has been completely overcast.  It's cold outside and gets dark early which makes it a struggle to get any sunlight.  I feel sleepy all day, especially since I've had to stop drinking caffeinated coffee and tea.  I'm surviving on scented candles, hot baths, and (caffeine free) hot drinks.  I recently finished reading The Great Gatsby during my many bathing sessions and am on the look out for something as good to read next.  Any suggestions?
As soon as any sunlight peaks through when we're at home I try to grab my camera and take some pictures in the natural light.  These two cuties were bought by my fiancé as Christmas presents for angel loving family members.
This is the heart shape cutting hole punch we bought to make our heart bunting.  I also used to to punch out a patterned paper heart to put on a home made birthday card.  I think it will be getting used quite a lot!
Reams of home made heart bunting!  Wedding decoration preparations are well and truly under way!
My fiancé's favourite colour is green, in case you couldn't tell.  We went out for our weekend lunch date (sushi as usual) and I really liked the colour of this jumper which I couldn't ever remember him wearing before.
 The trees have lost all their leaves.  So sad!  Since then the branches have even already been snow covered.
I was given this as a Christmas present last year.  You follow the instructions and make a little fabric heart cushion.  There was enough fabric and trimmings to make more than one heart so I made another one this weekend.
The pattern cutting process.  
The finished heart.  Super cute!  I think I might use it as a pin cushion.
Even though I'm a fully grown adult I still can't resist having a chocolate advent calender!  The countdown to Christmas definitely seems to go by quicker than it used to!

Till next time

Twirlybirdie :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dark Winter Lips

Last week was a busy week for me, ending with our first performance of the Nutcracker on Sunday.  I haven't had much time to sit down and gather my thoughts together.  Something I did manage to do was pick up a dark coloured winter lipstick.
I've been wanting to try the dark lips trend for a while, since around last year, but never gotten around to actually purchasing a lipstick in this dark a shade.  I've worn dark reds in the past that I felt really washed me out so stuck generally to brighter shades of red and pink.  Having seen others pull off the dark, vampy, plum-y lip shades gave me the incentive to give it a go.  I always feel like it would look great with some of the little black dresses I own so now I finally can try the look out!
I was toying with the idea of splashing out on a high end lipstick but decided that it would be more sensible to buy a cheaper version of the lipstick to see if the colour really worked for me or not first.
The lipstick I went for was shade No. 119 Love Temper by Misslyn.  I put it on as soon as we left the shops whilst we sat and had a coffee.  I thought the colour was great and my fiancé agreed.  By the time I got home though I noticed that the lipstick had started to bleed slightly which was disappointing.  I ended up buying a lip liner to try and solve the issue and make the lipstick a little more long lasting.
Misslyn 119 Love Temper
The lip liner I bought was Bourjois Contour Edition in shade 09 Plum it up.  They were a pretty good match for each other shade wise.  The colour of the lip liner is also pretty on it's own!  It could be good to wear alone if you were looking for a matte finish in this shade  It's a bit dry though with out the lipstick on top so you might want some balm underneath or gloss on the top.
Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner
The pigmentation of both these products is good.  I wore them together on a night out and didn't notice the problem with bleeding I had with the lipstick on it's own before.  I did need to re apply the lipstick after having a drink though there was still a good amount of colour there, mainly from the lip liner underneath.  The lipstick is moisturising and glossy.
Dark Plum Lipstick

Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner Review
 The second picture is the lip liner worn on it's own.  I like this colour and will definitely be wearing it out more often.  I made sure I was wearing blusher to stop my face becoming too washed out and a good dose of black liquid eye liner kept my eyes from disappearing against the boldness of the lipstick!

Till next time :)


Monday, November 24, 2014

Make-up For the Weekend

Hello there!
I thought I would write a little post about the products I wore during the day time this weekend.
Beauty Blog
At work I'm sweating in the dance studio so I normally go for a really natural, less is more look on my face.  I never wear bright lipstick and don't usually wear eye shadow and eye liner together.  So when the weekend rolls around I like to make the most of the opportunity to wear something a little brighter and bolder.

I don't like to wear foundation so I skipped that step using just my Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser from The Body Shop instead which I feel adds enough of a glow.  Then I used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer under my eyes and any where else I felt needed a bit of evening out.  I like it's creamy consistency.  Then I went for Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze because it's quick and easy and suits a bold lip well.  I used the Bourjois Liner Feutre Liquid Eyeliner for some bold definition to the top of my eye lids and finished it off with The False Lash Telescopic mascara by L'oreal mainly because this is the only mascara I currently own (it does a good job though!).

On my cheeks I decided to go with my Clinique Blusher in Pink Love because I wanted a true pink fresh looking flush to my cheeks to prevent the bold lip colour washing me out.  Then I applied the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Framboise.  I think it's a great bold shade for day time that isn't too neon or too pink.  It also lasts really well.

So that was my current make-up look for the weekend!  Do you change up your make-up routine for the weekend as well?

Till next time :)


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Life Lately: Heart Bunting and Shopping

Hello!  I hope you are having a lovely relaxing Sunday evening.  The day was completely misted over here.  The fog was so thick you couldn't even see things that weren't directly in front of you.  It was very atmospheric.  The damp mist made up a bit for the clouded over sky and zero degree temperature.  We went out for chips and tea, then it was time to stock up on my candle selection as I'd become perilously close to running out.  How would I cope with the gloomy evenings without them?
Ah red wine jeans.  Finally.  I was craving a pair of jeans in this colour last year but never actually managed to buy any.  I spotted the perfect pair in Mango a few weeks ago for only 25 euros (!) but I was not in the mood for trying clothes on!  Typically they all sold out in my size really fast and weren't in the shop again for ages, so when I stumbled across them again I snapped them up straight away.  They are the perfect fit for me and have already ventured outside in them many times.
As I had run out of body butters an emergency shop for replacements had to be made.  I ended up buying two just in case I had a bad reaction to one of them.  I picked the Organic Surge Sweet Blossom Body Cream, and the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream in Kukui Nut.  They both smell delicious though I've had more success with the Organic Surge cream on my sensitive skin so far.
We bought this heart shaped hole punch to make heart shaped bunting for the wedding!

Bunting being created by the fiancé on my sewing machine, once I had taught him how to use it!
My latest candle stash.  All Bolsius candles as these are the cheapest scented candles they sell at our local department store.  I got vanilla, cranberry and sugar and spice scents.  Just looking at lit candles makes me feel warm and toasty inside.  A lot of shopping seems to be featured in this post, perhaps I should have called it 'Shopping Lately'!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and have a great start to the week!

Till next time


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Moisturising Empties

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I have had a long relaxing bath so I am feeling well and truly chilled out.  As someone who suffers from bouts of eczema I get through a lot of moisturisers.  Even when your skin is clear of it you are supposed to keep the skin frequently moisturised to prevent an outbreak from occurring again.  This stash is a selection of items I have recently used up over the last 6 months or so.  I thought I would share my thoughts on them all with you.
Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin
The Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut
This body butter I bought the mini version of specifically to keep in my handbag.  The texture of it was creamy but slightly waxier than some of their other body butters I have used in the past.  The smell was delicious but this did seem to irritate my eczema when it was flared up which other Body Shop body butters haven't in the past.  It was great to use though on areas of skin that weren't sensitive and even my sensitive skin when the flare ups had calmed down.

Burt's Bees Fragrance Free Shea Butter and Vitamin E Body Lotion
This Body Lotion is perfect for my eczema prone skin.  It is the perfect consistency, not too thin or too thick, just a soothing creamy lotion.  There's no waxyness to it which means it completely absorbs in to the skin and I can even use it during a flare up without irritation.  I have also nearly finished the Aloe and Buttermilk version which absorbs even more easily in to my skin than this one.  Both I've repurchased in the past and I probably will do again.
The Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut Review

The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser
Fav, fav, fav day cream for my face!  Smells great, paraben free, SPF 30 and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.  I feel like my skin looks fresh and glowy when I use this.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil
I feel like I have a lot of Body Shop products on here but that's because they are usually in my price range, especially as I only usually shop if there's a sale on.  I don't think they do this version of their oils any more which is a shame because I loved it.  I took it on holiday with me and could not get enough.  It felt so moisturising and my skin drank it up after long hot days at the beach.  Such a nice fresh lemon-y scent which went down a treat on my sensitive skin.  I tried the Olive scented one and could not get on with it at all.  It seemed far more strongly perfumed and maybe because of that it irritated my skin.  I hope they bring the lemon one back!
Joik Body Oil Review

Joik Moisturising Body Oil with Lemon and Bergamot Essential Oils
Initially I compared this unfavourably with the Body Shop Beautifying Oil, because I preferred the stronger lemon scent and the thicker, silkier texture of the Body Shop Oil.  Coming back to this Joik oil later on though I appreciated the slightly thinner texture  more because it seemed to be quickly absorbed by my skin, which is good when you're pressed for time.  The scent is light but not artificial and the product is 100% natural, bonus!
NSpa Body Butter Review

NSpa Shea Butter Body Butter
This has a very thick and slightly waxy texture.  The scent is strong and very sweet but not unpleasant if you like sweet scents.  My skin found this irritating during a flare up but when my skin was calm this was nice to use.  The cream is very moisturising and long lasting because of the thick texture.  It feels like it forms a protective layer over the skin.  Really good for dry skin that needs protecting from the elements but maybe not suitable for very sensitive skin.

Quite a collection.  There are actually a couple more but I think I'll save them for another time to prevent this post from getting any longer!  I hope you have a lovely evening

Twirlybirdie :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Plans: Turning your home in to a retreat


I often spend my weekends full of plans for projects and chores that I need to get done.  This rarely actually happens and I often end up feeling frustrated with myself that I spent more time lying around doing nothing than tackling my massive to do list.  I end up in a constant battle between what my body and mind want to do (nothing) and the things I wanted to achieve that weekend.  This makes weekends frustrating and stressful.
Equally though I often find myself dreaming of getting away for the weekend.  Going somewhere far away to spend a couple of days relaxing, doing nothing and coming back refreshed.  Eventually I realised it was stupid to berate myself for doing the exact thing I dream about doing for the weekend.  Sure so maybe I can't actually physically get away anywhere for the weekend, but the biggest appeal of going away is quite simply just having the opportunity to relax.  When you travel away for the weekend you're far removed from your home and you're unable to tackle any of your chores.
I thought that perhaps with a little mind reset I could get some of the benefits of a weekend away with out having the need to travel.  I decided to try my best to make my home in to a place where rest and relaxation were permitted.  Even if you can only afford to do this for one day at the weekend I think it could be beneficial.  Here are some of the things I did for my day off in my 'retreat' plus a few other ideas.

The evening before

  • If possible try to tidy or do any chores that really will distract you from being able to fully chill out all weekend.
  • If you don't already have some at home you might want to shop for any supplies you might need ie. tasty food/drink, candles, bath salts, face mask, new book or magazines to read etc. etc.
  • Try to get to bed at a decent time so you can enjoy as much of the day as possible.

Ideas for ways to enjoy your weekend retreat

  • Sleep in, just chill in bed as long as you want!
  • Take a long hot bath with your favourite products.  I added sea salt to mine and read a book.
  • If you don't have a bath enjoy a hot shower with your favourite products
  • Do the beauty things you always want to do but normally can't find the time. Paint your nails, do a face mask or a hair mask or even all three!
  • Lay on the sofa and read through magazines
  • Stretch or do some yoga
  • Play some relaxing music or if you prefer just enjoy the silence
  • Make yourself a healthy smoothie
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Go for a walk or to a nearby cafe for a coffee
  • Wear comfortable lounge wear
  • Cook something healthy and warming for dinner like a stew
  • Light candles
  • Watch a film

Just give yourself permission to do whatever the hell you enjoy with out feeling any guilt.  This rest time is important for your physical and mental health and the main goal is to feel refreshed afterwards.  Whatever it is that you fantasise about doing on a break try to recreate it as much as possible in your own home.
Maybe this is probably what a lot of people do on their weekend but for if you're like me and constantly feel like you need to be doing or achieving something perhaps this is a good way to look at taking some time off completely for yourself.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Till next time


Monday, November 17, 2014

Life lately: Flowers, Cards and Rice Milk

Hello!  I hope you have had a lovely Monday (haha).  Luckily for me it's my day off as we work Saturdays and (Sundays too sometimes).  As seems to be the usual for my days off it was overcast and cloudy all day long :(.  It was also pretty chilly so I was convinced I was going to achieve little other than spending the day hiding under my duvet thinking of all the things I should get done whilst avoiding going outside.  As it is I actually managed to convince myself to get out the flat and go for some tea with my fiancé as well as go food shopping and even hoover the flat (woo)!  This evening I'm even writing a blog post whilst I wait for the dinner to cook.  A much more productive day than I expected.  So without further ado, here is a selection of photos that I've taken from my life lately.
This is a really beautiful flower I received after the performance on Sunday.  It was given anonymously but was a lovely unexpected surprise!  So thank you mystery person :)
A card I drew to give to my sister to ask her to be a bridesmaid at my wedding.  I tried to draw a relatively accurate picture of what her dress will be like!  Her dress is so pretty, it's a vintage dress I bought from an antiques market in Marylebone.  A lovely 1930's dusky pink number.
My current favourite drink, Sea Buckthorn juice, which is apparently very good for the immune system as it is rich in vitamin C!  Perfect for the winter season when you need to start warding off colds.  I'm addicted right now and trying to stop myself from buying it every day as it's not cheap.
I bought these cute paper index notes to help me to be more organised in my notebooks.  I love writing in notebooks much more than on loose A4 kept in a ring binder, but I do find it difficult to keep track of different notes I've written on different subjects.  My brain skips around like crazy so I have blog post ideas, to do lists, general life plans etc all randomly skattered all over the notebook.  Now I can put a little sticker on a page I need to refer back to and even write on the sticky note exactly what it is.  Should have started using these ages ago!
Ever since I've tried to go dairy free the one thing I couldn't deal with was using a milk alternative in my tea and coffee.  However somehow I've managed to wean myself onto using rice or oat milk in those as well.  I've also developed an issue with caffeine too so now all my tea and coffee drinks are lactose and caffeine free!

Dinner is ready!  It's a lovely stew which is definitely something that appeals to me on these cold, dark evenings.  Unfortunately I put tumeric in it (yellow, stains easily) and then managed to splash it on my lovely cream jumper which is now lying in the bathroom smothered in Vanish.  I'm praying the stains come out!  I am so clumsy and even own the most gorgeous apron so why I never wear it those times when I really should I'll never know!

Till next time :)


Saturday, November 15, 2014

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara Review

Hello there.  It's the weekend, yay!  Although I'm performing tomorrow afternoon I'm still enjoying the relaxing feeling of knowing it's Saturday night already and I don't have to get up as early tomorrow.
A little while ago I picked up the L'oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara in the sale.  I think I had read it was good on line before and I wanted to give it a go.  Quite soon after purchasing it my other two mascaras both dried out so I ended up using this every day much earlier than I had expected to.
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara Review
The mascara wand is not a full brush like I am used to but more like plastic combs placed around the head of the wand.  I've always avoided buying this kind of wand in the past because I didn't think I would get on with it but thought this time I'd give it a chance.  It took a little getting used to as I have to make sure I'm using the wand with the spokes in the right place on the lashes to coat and separate them.  Using the wand in the wrong place can just coat the lashes with the formula too heavily.
The formula does seem to do the trick in terms of lengthening the lashes.  I also seem to be able to get a nice curl in my lashes out of it too.  It takes a little more work than I'm used to but I am satisfied with the result.
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara Review
I don't think it's a bad mascara at all although I will have to see if once this runs out I would buy it again or go back to a mascara with a full brush on the wand like I'm used to.

Till next time


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oliver Bonas Earrings


I hope you're having a nice Thursday.  I got a bit stressed at work but came home and had a bath and lit some candles so I'm feeling a bit more chilled now.  In the summer I went to Oliver Bonas for the first time and really loved their jewellery.  I particularly liked the delicate real silver earrings and necklaces they do.  I bought myself these really cute cloud with lightening bolt earrings.
I get lots of comments on them when I wear them!  I checked on the website and they are still available to buy.  My fiancé also bought me a necklace from there with a tiny silver letter on it of the initial of my first name.  I've always had a thing for delicate jewellery.  I'm really tempted by some of Oliver Bonas's other earrings and necklaces which I've just seen are on sale online now!

Till next time :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Berry Lipstick - Shopping My Stash

 I hope you are having a lovely day.  I'm on my break between rehearsals and feeling pretty tired already.  Phew!  At the weekend I felt like I wanted to switch up my make-up look a little.  Berry lipstick shades always seem to become popular around this time of year.  I really want to try the dark berry lipstick shade that lots of people seem to be sporting at the moment, however I don't have anything quite like that right now so I shopped my stash at home for the most berry like shade I could find.

I came across a lipstick that was one of my faves for dressed up nights out in the past, but I haven't worn it for quite a while.  The lipstick is a Clinique one from their Colour Surge range (I'm not sure it exists any more).  It's shade name 'Berry Nugget' even has the word Berry in it.  It was brighter and pinker than what I'd had in mind but even so it still felt more autumn/ winter than the more fushia toned pinks I've been wearing lately.

Clinique Lipstick shade 305
Clinique Lipstick
I teamed it with brown eye shadow and brown eyeliner as I thought black liner might look too made up with such a strong lip in the day time.  I really liked the look.  I took a picture in my bathroom as the light is much better in there compared with the dull light coming from outside at the moment.
I successfully managed to 'shop my stash'!  I was pleased to find an old favourite lipstick and wear it in a new way.  Maybe this means I will be able to put off purchasing a new lipstick for a little while longer.....maybe.....

Till next time :)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sequinned Mini Skirts!

Hello!  I hope you are having a lovely day even though the weekend still seems so far away!
 Last Saturday after work my fiancé and I decided to go out for an early dinner.  We went for some delicious sushi.  Afterwards, as it was still only 7.30 pm, we still had an hour and a half to wonder around the shops before they closed.  Luckily for me the shopping centre we were in had some kind of promotion on which meant lots of things were on sale!
I was trying to convince myself not to buy anything but then I found this black sequinned mini skirt which came to only 12 euros with the 20% discount the shop (Reserved) was offering.
At this time of year I always have a thing for sequins.  I imagine myself wearing them during the day but never seem brave enough to pull it off!  However these sequins were sort of semi-matte and the black colour made it seem like they would be very wearable for night or day adventures.
I already managed to wear it out during the day on Sunday with black tights, flat boots and a black and white jumper.  I didn't feel uncomfortable at all.  It reminds me of the Dahlia mini-skirt I bought last year except that one has much shinier sequins and I definitely feel a bit less brave to wear that one out during the day time!
Sequinned mini skirts
I do still really love my Dahlia one though and have worn it for a night out.  I'd definitely like to find more reasons to wear it out though!  It's super blingy! 
Sequinned mini skirts
I love a bit a sparkle for winter time.  That's one good thing about the dark, cold weather then...that and candles!

Till next time

Twirlybirdie :)