Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Blues

Spring has finally arrived here, a couple of months late!

I have been a rubbish blogger since about mid February, but the extremely cold weather and heavy work schedule took their toll on my creativity, I'm back now to try again to get this thing up and moving!

I went for my first walk with my new camera where I could actually hold my camera in my hands without my fingers freezing off!  These pretty bluebells caught my eye, I'm surprised at how fast things are blooming now that they have the chance.

I went shopping for my birthday last month and ended up splurging on three pretty rings for myself.  Rings are my new jewellery obsession.  Here are some pictures of a couple of them.

My boyfriend picked this one out.  So then I made him buy it for me haha!

This next one is also going with my spring blue theme!

I have a third ring which I'll post a picture of soon!  These are all sterling silver rings so were not very expensive but I love them anyway.

hope you're having a lovely start to Spring :)