Thursday, September 8, 2011

New wellies?

At the moment I'm trying to decide whether or not to send my footwear in a new direction with a pair of kitsch wellies.  I've been looking for shoes that will tolerate the current rainy weather whilst simultaneously looking cute and being comfortable on my feet which are suffering from 'beginning of the new ballet season' syndrome.
Cath Kidston
I've always dismissed them in the past as silly looking on anyone over the age of 12 but after spotting these cute Cath Kidston ones on Asos in the sale my inner twelve year old has kicked in and I'm sorely tempted!

Perhaps  if I team them with some more grown up plain clothes I can get away with it? Ah well who cares, I need a little lift in my mood on wet grey days and if cute patterned wellies do the trick, why not!

Cath Kidston Star Wellington Boots
Click here to purchase

Cath Kidstson

All this rainy weather has inspired me to make my rainy days necklace!  Check out this cute umberella charm necklace which you can buy from my Etsy shop for just £5.15!

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I think I should make one for myself to go perfectly with my new wellington boots.

Take care!  Twirlybirdie x

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