Friday, October 24, 2014

Busy Week and cosy house treats

Hello!  As you can tell from the title my week has been busy.  In fact it has been so busy that the theatre have given us the morning off as they think otherwise we might not survive till the end of it (the premi√®re is on Saturday night)!  Excessive tiredness can mean the show looks worse and worse instead of better and better so a bit of rest will hopefully give the show the energy lift it needs.
Last weekend (the last chance I got to take any pictures) was grey and miserable (no change there then).  Naturally I cheered myself up with a mini shopping trip (no change there either)!  The main objective was to get things to make my home feel cosier.  I was actually only heading out for candles but managed to come back with leg warmers, fluffy booties and a throw as well!
Home Decor
My new lovely grey throw and some vanilla scented candles.  We went especially to a shopping centre out of town that sells these candles quite cheap, about 2 euros each.  So I wanted to go there to stock up before my candle obsession makes me poor!
Cozy home blog
These slipper booties are from Next.  They are actually for work (essential to have warm comfy footware for between rehearsals) but I couldn't wait to slip them on as soon as I got home.  They are so warm and comfy and have been serving me well at the theatre so far.
Cosy home lifestyle blog

pink legwarmers
I couldn't wait to slip on these soft fluffy legwarmers either.  They are also for work and stretch to cover my whole leg.  Warm and comfy to warm up in for ballet class.
White and Grey decor
This isn't something I bought but these are the curtains in our bedroom which I think work really well with the grey throw I bought.
When we got back from the shops I snuggled up in my cosy throw on the bed with a cup of tea to watch episodes of our favourite TV shows on my fianc√©'s laptop.  The perfect way to beat the winter blues.
How are you beating the misery of the colder weather?  I cope much better if it's sunny outside!

Till next time :)



  1. Love the fluffy boots, you have to be cosy when this weather hits :) xxx

    1. Definitely! It's the only way to make up for having to stay indoors :) xx

  2. I also have a candle obsession. I do the same, I go out and buy a load of vanilla scented ones which are cheaper than the beloved Yankee Candles I try really hard not to buy! I love those slipper booties too! Cosy stuff is always so much more tempting to buy :) Great blog post :)

    1. Thank you! I'm already mentally planning another candle shopping trip!

  3. Very lovely things:) Like the curtains:) Feel like I need to do some similar shopping for the cold that is coming:)

    1. Thank you! The curtains were already here when I moved in but they are nice so I was lucky :) x