Friday, December 13, 2013

Nail polish time


I hope you're having a nice December.  I'm glad it's not been as cold here as it usually is at this time of year but I am really missing sunlight.  The daytime is so short and the weather is cloudy and grey more often than not.
I've hurt my rib and it is quite sore to dance with so I'm hoping that will heal up fast.  Luckily I only have one show to get through before I can rest up a bit for Christmas.

The other day I decided to experiment with my nail varnish as I hadn't worn any for ages.  I couldn't decide between pink or dark blue so I decided to wear both and then added some glitter to the last two nails.

 The dark blue and glitter polish were both China Glaze and the pink shade was by Misslyn.  The glitter polish is called Bad Kitty which is an awesome name for a varnish!

I think it's such a fun way to wear nail varnish.  For performances I can't wear anything so colourful but I've been doing something similar using pale pink polish and just some glitter on the ring finger.  I definitely want to experiment more and make use of the many varnishes I own!

I think I need to have a little bath to beat the chill I'm feeling right now in my flat!  I think an evening of bathing and nail painting are in order.

Till next time :)


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