Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! Art Deco Sensitive Fine Liner 1

Hello there!  Long time no blog!

I've been really bad with my blog lately.  In my defense the Christmas period is one of the most exhausting, busy periods for the theater ever!  I've been feeling super tired and blurry of mind.  However, new year equals new attitude, of course.  For how long that will last no body knows!  In all that time I have collected up plenty of things to blog about though.  So....excuses over here we go, onward in to 2014!

Where to start.  Pre-Christmas purchases are the way to go I think!  When I got bored of using the same Rimmel Black Kohl pencil liner I used throughout my teens I started to use liquid eye-liner which seemed more sophisticated somehow even if it was a little trickier to apply. Unsurprisingly I got bored of that too and then I moved on to the Maybelline Gel Liner.  I like the concept of a pot of gel liner that you apply with a little brush, however, I now only use this for performances as I find the pot and brush method is not the quickest way to apply eyeliner.  Then I went through a natural no liner faze....anyway that was a long way to explain that when I spotted the Art-Deco fine liner in a pen style it seemed like the perfect compromise.  A liquid liner with the ease of application of a pencil liner.

It's paraben free which is always something I appreciate.  I also chose the sensitive version because of my sensitive skin.
This is really easy to use although sometimes it doesn't come out as black as I'd like and I have to go over the line one more time.  It is a really fine nib which makes it really easy to draw a nice natural looking thin line if you're going for a more natural look.
It's very light so easy to carry around with you.  I'm wearing the liner in the picture below in natural light which is hard to come by this winter!
This picture is taken in artificial bathroom light.

Over all I've been using this liner a lot for work and evening looks so am pleased I bought it.  It's being put ot good use!  I'm off to get in the bath to warm up now.  Follow my blog for future reviews.

Till next time :)


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