Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hot Mama Blush by The Balm Review

Hello there!  It's been a busy week for me.  We're preparing for the premiere of a new show which means non stop rehearsals and late nights.  I realised it was time for a post!  This was something I bought recently in the sale.  I was hoping for Mary-Lou Manizer but they were all sold out so this was my compromise.
I do like the retro packaging and even though the cardboard compact feels somewhat flimsy there is an appeal to it's lightness.
Hot Mama The Balm
The Hot Mama blush claims to be eye shadow as well as blush all in one, but this really isn't the sort of colour I would use as an eye shadow.  The shade looks like quite a dark peachy pink with a hint of shimmer in the compact. I applied this to my cheeks with a blusher brush and was surprised by the colour pay off.  I only really needed one swipe for the colour to show and I found the gold shimmer to be very visible on my cheekbones.  Pretty!  This is definitely a shade to go easy on if you have really pale skin like mine however I like how quick it is to apply because you only need one light application.
Hot Mama Review

It does give a nice glow and I like looking a little healthier, particularly a the moment with the dreary weather.  I've been using this pretty frequently since I bought it so I'm guessing it's going to be a useful favourite.  I think the fact that the colour is slightly deeper and less pink than my other blushers is making it appealing for autumn.  Also the golden shimmer is making up for the lack of sun!  I realise I haven't taken a photo of it on my cheeks so I will have to get one up as soon as possible!

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