Thursday, October 9, 2014

September Beauty Favourites

I know it's already nine days in to October but I still wanted to write about my favourite products from September.  This month was a strange one as the weather definitely shot from warm to pretty chilly towards the end of it.  That kick started my cravings for more autumnal make-up shades but as those were towards the end of the month I think I'll link them to October instead.
These are the products I noticed I had been using more than usual.  One of them was the Lumene Pure Radiance Eye Cream.  My under eye area has been looking pretty dark lately so I thought I should probably start taking care of the skin better.  To be honest the only thing I really think makes a difference is getting lots of rest but just in case I've been using this eye cream.  It is labelled as containing Vitamin C which is something I tend to go for in skin care and is meant to help eliminate dark circles.
I've been using the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish Lipstick quite a lot on nights out.  I trust it to stay in place and love the bright pink colour.  I have shade 02 Frambourjoise.
On my cheeks I've been reaching for the blush in my Too Faced Glamour to Go palette as it's quite a subtle soft pink.  I go red naturally anyway so don't like to go too heavy on blush, particularly in the warmer months.
I've been using this Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Wax to keep my eyebrows in place.  I've been preferring more natural looking brows recently so this is all I wanted to use.  This keeps them in place and also adds a hit of colour as the wax is brown.
The Art Deco Perfect Teint Concealer is something that I hadn't been that keen on when I first bought it.  I have since found that  applying it, and then leaving it for a few seconds to dry a little before blending it in is the key to making it work for me.  I find the shade is quite light and brightening for under my eyes.

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