Thursday, December 4, 2014

Little things: Angels and Hearts

Hello!  It's nearly Friday!  That thought cheers me up.  I am really struggling with the weather lately.  All day long yesterday and today it has been completely overcast.  It's cold outside and gets dark early which makes it a struggle to get any sunlight.  I feel sleepy all day, especially since I've had to stop drinking caffeinated coffee and tea.  I'm surviving on scented candles, hot baths, and (caffeine free) hot drinks.  I recently finished reading The Great Gatsby during my many bathing sessions and am on the look out for something as good to read next.  Any suggestions?
As soon as any sunlight peaks through when we're at home I try to grab my camera and take some pictures in the natural light.  These two cuties were bought by my fiancĂ© as Christmas presents for angel loving family members.
This is the heart shape cutting hole punch we bought to make our heart bunting.  I also used to to punch out a patterned paper heart to put on a home made birthday card.  I think it will be getting used quite a lot!
Reams of home made heart bunting!  Wedding decoration preparations are well and truly under way!
My fiancĂ©'s favourite colour is green, in case you couldn't tell.  We went out for our weekend lunch date (sushi as usual) and I really liked the colour of this jumper which I couldn't ever remember him wearing before.
 The trees have lost all their leaves.  So sad!  Since then the branches have even already been snow covered.
I was given this as a Christmas present last year.  You follow the instructions and make a little fabric heart cushion.  There was enough fabric and trimmings to make more than one heart so I made another one this weekend.
The pattern cutting process.  
The finished heart.  Super cute!  I think I might use it as a pin cushion.
Even though I'm a fully grown adult I still can't resist having a chocolate advent calender!  The countdown to Christmas definitely seems to go by quicker than it used to!

Till next time

Twirlybirdie :)

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