Friday, December 12, 2014

Wedding decor preparations and midnight blue nails

Hi there!

How quickly has this past week gone by?  I can't believe it's already Saturday tomorrow.  We have been busy, as I keep saying this is the busiest time of the year for the theatre.  Asides from enjoying the shows I am mostly looking forward to going home for a three day Christmas break.  At the moment the days consist mostly of hard work in the theatre and the evenings are mostly hot baths and candles (and chocolate).  The dark dreary weather is still a little difficult to get used to.  Adding a bit of brightness with a few choice cosmetics helps in the morning.  I think I just came up with a blog post right there!
Can you sense the greyness in the background?  We spent a few minutes making paper snowflakes (as you do!).  Surprisingly there isn't much snow on the ground.  Unusual for this chilly country.  It was snowing whilst I was walking home from work today though so who knows what I will wake up to tomorrow!
I made our first tissue paper pom pom as a tester for the wedding decor.  I think it turned out quite well!  Definitely planning to make some more although probably when I'm back home as I'm not sure how well these would hold up to transportation!
The dark evenings had me craving some darker colours on my nails.  This is one of my favourite shades, a rich dark midnight blue by China Glaze.  It's quick drying and applies well but I think because I didn't apply a top coat it started to chip after a couple of days.
My fiancĂ© has been making some letters to apply to a photo backdrop for the wedding.  Gold and pink are in our colour scheme.  I think they look pretty cool.
I just love these matte gold sequins.  I'm thinking of using them to tie around the bouquets of flowers.
Are you thinking of making your own photo booth backdrop?  We looked in to hiring one but they were quite expensive and we don't really have the budget for it.  It's exciting to see all the little craft wedding details coming in to reality!  Luckily we have some really good inexpensive fabric stores near to us which helps with the crafting preparations.
Well time to get back to my chocolate!

Till next time :)


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