Monday, March 23, 2015

Coffee Dates and a Blogging Break


So I've been a bit absent on my blog for the past few days.  I had a really busy week with a difficult show that really just drained me of all my focus and energy.  For this particular role I needed to build up my stamina which meant going to the gym to train on days when my rehearsal workload wasn't heavy enough.  On top of the daily ballet class training this really took up all my mental and physical energy.  I couldn't even begin to thing about writing!  Once the show was over it took me a couple of days just to recover again after all that build up.  Normally I can read other people's blogs to relax but even that seemed like to much of a strain!  For some reason the only thing I could tolerate and manage to switch off my active mind by doing was reading my book.
I'm slowly waking up from the fog and feeling like I can think about taking photographs and start writing again.  I really feel I had a break from the internet and I think the break has been good for me.  The time away has given me some space to think about what sort of direction I would like to take my blog in.  Up to now I have just tried to keep it free and to write about whatever I feel and I've definitely found it easier to focus on lighter things such as what I've bought or make-up I like and I haven't really wanted to delve in to anything more personal.  I have been feeling though that I would like to write a few more serious posts now and again as little ideas for them keep popping in to my head.  So if that's something you're interested in hopefully I will have some more personal posts up in the near future!

Last weekend I decided to finally take my digital camera out of the box and haul it to town with me.  It's been a bit neglected since I got hold of my DSLR.  Once I started taking pictures with that I just couldn't stand that the quality of the photos I was taking with my digital camera were no where near the same.  Now I feel that this has been at the expense of my blog as I often can't bring myself to take my DSLR out of the house as it is so heavy!  I realised that imperfect photos were better for telling my story on here than none at all so I dug out that digital camera I spent so much on and then hardly used, and decided to pop it in my handbag as much as possible so I could get some pictures whilst we were out and about.
As usual free time coincided with my fiancĂ© and I popping out to a local cafe for some coffee.  We've been going to this little place fairly regularly since it had a makeover, particularly as the prices are still quite reasonable and targeted more at students.  A lot of the other cafes and restaurants around here seem to have gone up market in recent times and become fairly unaffordable.  I suppose as part of the studenty vibe (?) this place seem to serve their drinks in a variety of quirky mugs and this time was no exception.  One of them was one of the funniest mugs I've seen in quite a long time!
My fiancé had this one!

Mine had a french press on one side and coffee grinder on the other!  Quirky but fun.
As usual we sat in the window seat because I love sitting somewhere with lots of light and we chatted away for a couple of hours.  It's one of our favourite things to do, particularly as we're so tired all the time from our job that doing anything more physical in our free time seems impossible.

Till next time :)



  1. Ah those mugs are adorable. Some people are all about the quality of photos, but one's readers likely want regular content over the photos anyway.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Thanks for the comment! I hope so about the photos :) x