Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I reach for when my lips need saving


How is your week going?  Mine has been a bit up and down.  Work is feeling a little stressful but I'm sure it's just a passing phase!  Something else that's been a bit stressed out lately has been my lips.  They've been suffering from the cold weather and also quite possibly the long lasting lip products I've been using.  They were getting dry enough that switching to more moisturising lipsticks just wasn't going to cut it.  I had to turn to an old trusted favourite to save my lips!
The Blistex Lip Relief cream is a white soft cream that absorbs in to the delicate skin on the lips really fast and provides instant relief.  I used to have to keep one of these on me at all times when my lips were going through a particularly bad phase although, until recently, I hadn't had a problem with them for ages.  I didn't realise until I just looked it up now that it also has SPF 10 in it!  I've been applying this for the last couple of weeks before I put on any lipstick, particularly a drying one and actually my lips are already pretty much back to normal.. All I can really say is that I think this stuff is brilliant for dry cracked lips, at least, it certainly works for me!  I'm glad to have this back in my handbag.

Till next time :)



  1. I've just recently discovered this but it's became a necessity to have in my handbag x