Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recent purchases: Manhattan Lip Lacquer and Misslyn Eyelash Curlers


I recently did an interview for a magazine and I came away from it feeling a little strange.  It seemed to me that all I could really talk about was my work and job and I wondered if I came across a little boring.  Do I live just for my work?  Well perhaps that's a topic for another blog post later on,  I did say in my last post that I want to do more personal posts after all.  For now though this post is about what I did after that interview, which was browse the beauty aisles of the nearest department store to clear the strange feelings from my brain!
I had been looking at the Manhattan Lip Lacquers for ever because they seemed to be the same as Rimmel's Apocolips which I have been wanting to try.  The Manhattan version is cheaper at just under 6 euros, but as the two brands are owned by the same company I reckon these two products really are one and the same.  I finally stopped dilly dallying and selected the shade no. 50 G Rose & Shine.  This was a nice neutral rose shade with a hint of pink which I was worried might be a bit too drab on me as I normally go for brighter shades.  Often more natural lip colours can drain my face of colour.  I tested it out at the weekend though and with a slick of eye liner it really was the perfect shade of day time pink for me.  It got the seal of approval from my fiancĂ© anyhow.
I must say I love the applicator and the formula.  It might not be the most long lasting but I like that the pigment is rich, it's comfortable to wear and as it wears off it leaves a pink tint on my lips.  The formula reminds me a bit of paint, but not in a horrible way, just in the sense that it is rich and densely pigmented.  I love the doe foot applicator which I find really easy to use.  The only thing I don't like about it is the smell.  I find the smell is just really strange?  Like strawberry laces if they didn't have any sugar in them?  Luckily I can look past this though and really enjoy using this new well priced lip product.
I bought the eyelash curlers because the Manhattan mascara I bought recently hasn't been giving my eyelashes enough of a curl.  I haven't used curlers for ages because I haven't found the need for this extra step, I'm already rushed off my feet in the morning when it comes to applying my make-up and I found I could get a good curl anyway with other mascaras I've been using.  I didn't want this mascara to go to waste though and applying it after using the curling wand has really done the trick.  I got these from the Misslyn brand because they were affordable (8 euros) and still looked half decent.
Well my little shopping spree did clear my head a bit.  I'm not sure if that's a good habit to get in to though, particularly as I'm still trying to keep a tight reign on spending after a rather expensive December/January!
Do you shop to clear your head?

Till next time :)



  1. Thank you for posting! I was watching this the other day at the store but I coudn't swatch it because there wasn't testers. This was just what I needed!