Friday, July 3, 2015

New Make-up Buys: Bourjois Aqua Blush and Liner Pinceau Reviews

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How are you?  I am now married!  I got married at the weekend and am now a Mrs.  I had a wonderful day and will hopefully get up some wedding day related posts when things calm down a bit and I have more time.  We came almost straight back to work after the wedding day and are now almost in the throws of performances!  So I'm sure you can imagine how busy things have been.  Since I've been in London though I have done a little bit (or not so little, oops!) of shopping.  Some of my favourite things I've purchased have been new make-up additions.
One day at work they suddenly announced to us that they were going to take our head shots for the programme!  Normally I wear a bit of make-up to work but this particular day I'd been so tired I had gotten out of bed late and was completely make-up free!  I also didn't have any make-up with me that day so I had no choice but to pop out in my break and buy a few things.
After perusing the aisles of Boots for quite a while trying to work out what was the best offer I settled on the Bourjois deal where if you spent £15 or more you got a free gift consisting of a Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach and a Maxi delight bronzer with a kabuki brush.
The items I bought were the Liner Pinceau Eyeliner in Ultra Black and the Aqua Blush in Shade 03.

Bourjois Liner Pinceau
I was worried that these products might end up being a waste of money seeing as they had been purchased in a hurry just because of bad planning regarding the photo shoot, however they have both proved to be really useful additions to my collection.
I actually ended up using both these products on my wedding day.  I was disappointed at first when I opened up the liner and found it to be a small brush which I have found more difficult to use than a sponge wand tip, yet somehow it was easy to get the hang of, perhaps because the brush itself is so fine making it easy to control.  The colour really is 'ultra black' which I appreciate, I can't stand a wishy-washy shade of black liner.  It also does seem to be long lasting.
The Aqua Blush I've been really loving as well.  The shade is really perfect for me, a slightly warmed up true pink and I only need a tiny bit to provide a subtle flush on both cheeks.  The formula is super smooth and feels lovely gliding on the skin.  I would recommend this.  I haven't really been checking on how long it's stayed on yet but I did pick it to wear on my wedding day as well!
  Of the free gifts the bronzer was in shade 02 for more olive toned complexions, unfortunately too dark for me.  I tend not to wear bronzer but thought I would give it a go, however the tone of it just doesn't work on my super pale skin.  The free brush was a nice touch but I felt that the bristles were a bit too rough.  The Models One brushes I own are so much softer and compared with them I really didn't like this one.
The one part of the free gift I did love was the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon.  The shade looked like it might be a bit too Barbie coral pink but once I tried it on I really loved it.  The formula is really creamy and the shade is bright and wearable.  I loved that it wasn't opaque but it definitely wasn't too sheer either.  It is a perfect shade for summer and I've kept it in my bag and taken it to wear at work with me everyday.  The SPF 15 in the formula is an added bonus and a great incentive to keep applying it throughout the day.  It's not that long lasting but I enjoy re-applying it and it does leave a subtle tint of colour on the lips anyway.
If you're interested in the free gifts the offer still seems to be on at Boots.

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