Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weekend in Bath: The Forum Coffee House

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I popped down to Bath to get out of London for a bit.  We had a lovely time wondering around the town and enjoying the vast array of shops there.  We spotted a new cafe called The Forum Coffee House and decided to pop in there for some lunch.  It is a really cool place with of the moment d├ęcor and fancy coffee making equipment.  When we were sat there I think I said to my husband 'I feel like I'm sat in an instagram picture', which, I'm not gonna lie, I did kind of love.

I think we had just missed the lunch rush as there weren't many sandwiches left out on the counter.  I could tell from the signs though that they had a nice range of snacks as well as drinks and the sandwiches we had were fresh and delicious.  Sadly I can't have caffeinated beverages so I went for a decaf iced coffee, which tasted great.  I did sneak a sip of my husbands americano though and it tasted rich and flavoursome.  He commented on how much he liked the flavour of it and that it wasn't too strong.

Some of the things I noticed on the boards were that they sold soup with bread which seemed like a reasonable price and also they had gluten free bread options.  All in all I would recommend a little trip to this coffee house if you come across it.  Perhaps try to go when it isn't lunch time as it was nice and peaceful when we were there but I can imagine this place must be popular come lunch!
Asides from that we came across a parade which was fun....noisy but fun!  I particularly enjoyed all the people dressed up as Disney characters.
It was a lovely day in Bath and I can't wait to pop down for another visit sometime soon!

Till next time :)

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