Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eyebrows with Art Deco powder and Lumene brow gel


It's my weekend.  I've got a slightly more extended weekend than I was supposed to have because one of the guys in our company hurt his foot so the show we were meant to be performing on Sunday was cancelled.  It's a relief in a way as this is the only weekend we have to move out of our apartment.

Asides from that it is a very grey day today.  It was dark by about 4.30 pm which I found pretty depressing.  I managed to have a nap as I was super sleepy and now I feel a bit brighter.  I really fancy a bit of reading and chilling and just general snuggling.  Today I popped in to the shops and sprayed myself with the tester for the Prada Candy perfume which I'm in love with right now.  It's a very rich warm and sweet scent which I love for winter time.  I wouldn't wear it in the summer when I prefer a fresher scent like Lacoste Pour Femme but for winter time this sweet scent is warming and perfect.  I can't really afford to buy it right now though so I guess spraying the tester in the shops every now and then will have to do for now!

I thought that I would write about some more new make-up products I recently purchased.  I find it quite strange that I love make-up products so much when most of the time I actually hardly wear any.  I find that as my job involves me sweating and exercising there's not much point dolling myself up for that.  I'm so used to not wearing a lot that I feel self concious if I wear more than usual at work in the day.  I try to wear more at the weekends but even then more than a little feels strange.  One area I quite like to wear make-up on though is my eyebrows.  I find doing them really makes my face look more alive and I still feel quite natural.  I think it makes a real difference to my face more than doing any other one area.

Normally I use an eye pencil and just pencil them in a bit.  I decided to have a go with some eyebrow powder and found this Art Deco eyebrow powder on offer recently so I decided to give it a go.  It's quite a dark shade but my eyebrows are naturally quite dark and prefer to use a slightly darker colour on them.

This eyebrow powder comes with a little angled brush which is useful for applying the powder.  I found it quite strange to use at first though as the bristles on the brush are really stiff.  I ended up just having to dab the tip of the brush on the top of the powder to not take too much powder on the brush and then stroke it through my brows.
You can see in the pictures that the shadow is quite dark.  There were three shades in the shop and I went for the one that was in the middle in terms of darkness.  I quite like dark brows at the moment though,it suits my winter mood.
I then use the Lumene Brow Gel to keep my eyebrows in place.  I like this because it's a brown gel which adds a little bit of colour when I use it on it's own.  Also it doesn't start to look manky like a clear gel does when powder from the eyebrows gets on the mascara wand when you use it over the powder.

I like the dark brows with neutral make-up.  I think they make my eyes stand out more.
Do you have a particular area of your face you like to wear make-up on more than any other?

I think a warm snuggly bath is in order!

Until next time

Twirlybirdie :) xxx

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