Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Natural Moisturisers, Burt's Bees Body Lotion and Pure Shea Oil


I hope your week has started well.  Mine has started with a new apartment to move in to.  We have the keys to the new place and are in the process of moving.  It is a lovely but much smaller flat so we have a lot of sorting and figuring out what to do with our things.

My skin has calmed down loads since my eczema flared up and the eczema is pretty much gone now although the skin still looks a bit red.  I was in such discomfort and such a panic about it when it was bad that I threw money at plenty of different products in the hope that something would calm it down.  I discovered some great moisturisers and some that really didn't work for me in the process so now it's all calmed down I'm going to blog about some of my experiences.

Two moisturisers that really were great were these ones by Burt's Bees .  The first one I bought was the fragrance free body lotion with Shea Butter and Vitamin E.  It was great to use because it was the first moisturiser I bought which didn't sting my inflamed skin when I put it on.  It is a lotion so it was lighter than a body butter but it still left a bit of a waxy covering on the skin after I used it which is a good thing when you have to try to keep skin constantly moist.
The second one I bought was the soothingly sensitive lotion with Aloe and Buttermilk.  I bought this because I read someone's review on-line which said it was good for their eczema.  It was a milkier consistency than the fragrance free one but seemed to absorb in to the skin faster without leaving a greasy coating.  I really enjoy using this as well.  My skin seemed to soak it up.  I found the milky fragrance quite pleasant as well.
These moisturisers were more expensive than I would normally pay for body lotion but I've really enjoyed using them and they were very good for my skin when it was so sensitised.
I did also feel like I needed something heavier than a lotion to use when I was at home or during the night.  Anything less than 100% natural seemed to sting my skin like crazy so I was excited to come across this 100% natural Shea oil in the shops.
I was right to be excited.  This pure oil felt amazing to use on my skin.  I felt absolutely no irritation what so ever.  I wanted to use it on everything and reading up on it on the company website it sounds like it can be used for anything.  It was slightly thicker than normal oil which made it slightly hard to get out of the pump but it was worth the effort.  After using this it made me want to try everything else from this brands range of 100% natural products.  I'm not sure this brand is readily available abroad but I'm sure any range of 100% natural products would be the same.

Now I wonder why I would pay money to use anything else when the product in it's pure natural form seems to be so effective.  I don't have to worry about parabens or any other irritants hidden within.  I want to try out other pure oils such as jojoba and sweet almond oil on my skin.  It reminds me of the Body Shop's sweet lemon body oil which I loved using in the summer but was put off buying again because it was so expensive.  I loved that you could use it on body, face and hair and I feel the same way about the natural Shea oil I bought.  I want to use it everywhere!
This inspired me to buy the Virgin Coconut Oil that recently went on sale in the food stores here and I plan to review it soon.

As promised here is a clearer picture of the Lumene Lip Sorbet I reviewed earlier this week in action.

Nice and bright for winter!

It's time to get back to my herbal tea.  I need to try to get to bed a bit earlier these days as I feel I'm looking a bit tired!

Till next time :)


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