Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fantasy shop at Miss Selfridge, Zara and Mango

Hi there!

The sun is almost set and the cold wind is blowing.  I can hear it as I sit in my living room, rocking through the cracks of the old apartment building I live in (for one more week anyway).  Today I slept in until 10 am and it was absolute bliss.  However I still have been feeling low on energy and am struggling to find the will power to pack and clean for the big flat move.  Last weekend I told myself I was going to clean one thing an hour and that lasted for about....oh.... one hour.
Instead I have decided to procrastinate with a fantasy shopping post.  I recently had a look at the Miss Selfridge website, a store I normally never buy anything from for some reason and came across this beauty.
If I was on the lookout for a nicely priced wedding dress I would definitely be heading to the store to try this on.  I love the Jenny Packham beaded dresses but they're so expensive and this really reminds me of them.  It's on sale right now and really wish I had a reason to buy it!  It also has a lovely low scooped back.

There's a Mango shop in the small town I live in and I pop in pretty much once a week waiting for my favourite things to go in the sale!  No luck so far so here are the things I've been coveting.

This jumper is so cute.  I love the floral pattern.  I'd wear it with plain skinny jeans. Pretty and comfy, such a nice combination.  There's also a gorgeous dressing gown style wool blend grey coat that I can't find on the website that I can't stop looking at.  At 149 euros it's definitely out of my budget right now.
In it's place I'll put this super fluffy Zara coat I tried on in the store when I went to the capital a couple of weeks ago.

Mmmm snuggly. I was very tempted to part with 100 euros for this.  Which says a lot about how much I liked it as I'm so budget concious!  It's not real fur of course and it feels soooo soft.  I really would like to get the chance to pick this up in the sale.

Do you have your eye out on anything at the moment?  Do you buy full price if you love something or wait for the sales and risk missing out?  Follow my blog using one of the buttons in the right side bar to find out if I ever manage to purchase any of these items ;)

Till next time.

Twirlybirdie :) xxx

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