Monday, November 11, 2013

Lumene Rasberry Miracle Lip Sorbet and Wild Rose Moist Lipstick


It's been a few days since my last post.  I've been so busy with work, struggling to fit in doctor appointments to control my eczema and trying to find a new flat since being kicked out of the one I'm currently living in!

Luckily my skin is now under control thanks to a bit of steroid cream.  I hate having to resort to using these creams as I know it's bad for my health but if I've had a really bad flare up I find I have to use it to make it go away, especially if I have performances coming up.  Luckily it's been about 8 years since I had to use it last.

Other than that my bf and I were recently told that we had to be out of our flat in three weeks and we've been on the hunt for somewhere to live since then.  Somewhere has turned up so we are just waiting for the final details to be sorted out and then we should be on our way.  I'm looking forward to being settled again soon.

Amidst all of this I did manage to do a little make-up shopping.  I was on the look out for a new face powder as my No 7 one from Boots's life was almost up.  I came across the Lumene range as I was searching for a paraben free one and this was the first one I found.  I really like it and hope to write a blog post on it soon.  I also picked up one of their Miracle Lip Sorbet crayons whilst there.  I had a couple of Clinique ones which had run out and really wanted to try out one of the many cheaper alternatives that have come out recently.  I went for the brightest one I could see and couldn't wait to try it out straight away.

I love these crayon style lipsticks, they are so fun and easy to use.  The colour pigment is rich and bright and the texture is more lipstick than gloss.  One coat of this is enough and it has quite good staying power although I did need to re-apply it straight after eating or drinking.  It says 'Moisture rich sheer colour for glossy lips' on the packaging but I wouldn't say that the colour of this particular one was sheer.  It's also not very moisturising so you might want to add a dab of gloss on top or some balm underneath.  

I really like this, particularly this colour.  Perhaps it could be more moisturising but I expect the fact that it isn't is why the colour grabs on so well to the lips.  I can imagine taking it on a night out with me when I tend to wear brighter lipstick.  

This picture of me wearing it is a bit blurry but hopefully gives you some idea of the colour.  I will have to take another one in the future!

There was a deal on at the shops where when you bought two items from the Lumene range you got a free Wild Rose Moist Lipstick in the colour Beach Life.

The shade of this lipstick is quite nude which was lucky as I don't have any nude lipsticks at the moment.  I always tend to go for brighter pinks or reds although I have been really intrigued recently by the new L'oreal collection of nudes but had no idea which sort of nude lipstick would work for me (even though the idea of them is that you would chose the celebrity nude who is most similar to you, but I never trust it!).  So I was really interested to test this lipstick out.

I really like this colour even though I would never have chosen it myself.  I feel that my natural lip shade is a bit washed out and have been trying to find products that make them look fresher but still natural for when I don't want to look too dolled up.
The texture of this lipstick is glossier and more moisturising than the lip sorbet crayon.  I wore it out for dinner the other night and even after eating I still felt the colour was there on the lip.

All in all a useful free gift for me!  I don't really have many products from this range of make-up but will be willing to try more after testing these out.  I also like that they seem to have a lot of paraben free products to choose from.  The Lip Sorbet is stated as being paraben free on their website.

I have a few more new products to write about but this post is quite long and it is late.  Hopefully it wont take me as long until I write my next post this time!

Twirlybirdie :)

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