Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wedding Dress Shopping

Dear reader,

hello!  Long time no speak.  I'm very sorry but I have been away working on an intensive dance project for which I have been without time or a computer to allow me to blog.  If you have stuck with me over this period of time I thank you very much!  We have been working extremely hard and the performances will be the 2nd till the 5th of July in the Peacock Theatre in Holborn and the 9th-10th July at the Lanterns Studio Theatre.  If you're in London this summer please come check it out!

Whilst I have been busy something I have been doing with the one day I have had free each week is hunting for a wedding dress.  Wedding dress shopping has taken me by surprise.  I thought it would take months of searching and trying on dresses and that I would love every second of it.  In reality after trying on a few dresses on the high street I found that it was hard to visualise myself in these dresses when they didn't have my size to try on.  I felt quite stressed going from store to store to look with what I felt were sales assistants desperate for me to buy.

Quite early on one of my bridesmaids took me to see the bridal selection at one of her favourite shops House Of Vintage.  The atmosphere there was completely different and relaxed compared to the other places I had been and the unique selection of vintage dresses were staggeringly beautiful.  I tried on quite a few during the one and a half hour appointment and eventually settled on one that felt as though it was the right style for me.    I ended up not being able to stop thinking about that dress so went back a second time with my sister and my friend to try it on.  This time there was another dress from the same era but it was more bridal and fitted me perfectly!  Wearing it I felt unsure that perhaps I looked quite grown up and as if I was about to do something serious.  'Well maybe that is that right feeling for your wedding' someone said to me.  It was true that until that point I had been looking at my wedding like I was just planning to throw a big party and maybe there was something right about remembering that it was quite an important ceremony I was going to as well!

I had another think about it and when I went back to try it a second time it was in even better condition than the first time I saw it and looked to me like it was my dress.  So that was that.  It was less expensive than some of the high street wedding dresses I had tried on which as I'm on quite a tight budget made a lot of sense for me!  My friends have also chipped in as a wedding gift which was a lovely idea.  I wish I could show it to you now but as I'm not getting married until next summer you will have to wait a while!  If you are looking for a vintage wedding dress though you should definitely make an appointment to see the House of Vintage Bridal showroom!

Unfortunately I don't have my camera with me at the moment so you will have to make do with photos from my ipod I'm afraid!  Thanks for sticking with me.  I'm sure I will have lots more wedding related things to write about soon :)

Till next time xxx

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