Thursday, February 19, 2015

A pretty bright pink gloss from Pupa


I hope you're having a good week.  I had a performance yesterday of a modern piece that I sometimes struggle with the beginning of because it has to be slow and controlled.  It's quite hard to step on the stage and do something like that because you don't have any time to shed your nerves.  Luckily for me it went better than the last time mostly because I felt a bit calmer.  I wish I knew why and there was some magic cure for nerves but I can't work out what makes it different one day to the next!.
A couple of weeks ago I went to some shops out of town and came across a shop which had some Pupa make-up on sale.  I have only ever bought one eyeshadow from Pupa in the past so don't have much experience of their make-up.  I've always thought it looked really pretty and intriguing but was a little bit too expensive for me.
The Chubby Gloss sticks caught my eye as I had been looking for something really easy to wear at work or in the daytime.  These were obviously on sale because they were part of their Summer 2014 collection but at just 5 euros I couldn't resist!  The shade 003 Hot Shot Pink was just what I was looking for colour wise and the formula was moisturising, soft and glossy.  My lips have been feeling a bit dry lately with the cold weather so the moisturising formula was welcome.  The colour wasn't as pigmented as the other lipsticks I've been going for recently but that was what I wanted so I could wear a bit of colour on my lips without it being OTT.
I love the packaging and feel of the Chubby Gloss and find it really easy to use.  It's really light which makes it great to keep in my handbag for regular touch ups.  The colour can be built up to a really visible bright pink if desired.  It also surprised me by leaving behind a bit of a tint on my lips, which means it doesn't have to be touched up as frequently as I was anticipating.
I've been using this lots since I bought it and it's pretty much constantly in my hand bag in case I want to add a hint of colour without drying out my lips.  It has me hankering for other shades so I can switch it up a bit.  A trip back to that out of town shopping centre might be on the cards!

Till next time :)