Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding belt DIY


It is gloriously sunny here at Twirlybirdie headquarters this morning.  It makes a nice change from the heavy cloud we had been having quite a few days of before.  As I am planning on getting married next summer I have been trawling through pictures of pretty dresses and general wedding paraphernalia on-line for ideas.  I really liked some of the pretty wedding belts that I've seen.  They seem to be exactly what's needed to jazz up what would otherwise be a pretty yet plain dress.
I decided that seeing as the belts could be hundreds of pounds I would have a go at making one myself, much like I have been doing for my veil.
This is just an experiment seeing as I have no idea what shade of white or style my dress is actually to be, but I thought if it was successful maybe I could bring it wedding dress shopping with me this summer!
I bought a few bits and pieces from our local fabric shop: white ribbon, beads, and rhinestones.  From a local bead shop I bought some craft glue and a silver pendant I thought would look quite cool.
I decided to make it tie back because you never know how your belly is going to feel on the day!  At first I hadn't bought enough ribbon for it to be able to tie nicely at the back (1m) so I went back and bought 2 metres instead which was plenty.
I decided the pendant needed blinging up so I glued some rhinestones on to it.  Once this had dried I glued it on to the belt.
Gluing on my rhinestones.  It was tricky but made easier with these bead tweezers.  I placed a small dot of glue on the pendant and then placed the stone on top of that.

I then lay the pendant face side down on the ribbon so I could see where the glue needed to be placed on the back of the pendant.  Then I carefully added the glue to the back where it would be touching the ribbon and placed it facing up on the ribbon.
The next day it was sunnier so I took these pictures to make sure the stones would sparkle nicely ;)
I tried it on over my Zara dress.  I'm pleased with it so far.  Now I just have to decide what, if anything I'm going to add to it.  I kind of like it's simplicity even though it's not what I originally had in mind.  I've bought some extra beads to add some more bling but I may try and make a second belt that's more blingy as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!  I had fun making this belt and now I'm tempted to glue rhinestones on to everything!

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