Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Needle and Thread dress for a red carpet event


It's been a few days.  My apologies, I've been busy and distracted by life in general.  I've been reading a lot more to try to calm my distracted mind which is something I'm feeling happy about.  I'm nearly through Cloud Atlas but I can't believe how long it's taken me!  I'm feeling proud of myself though as I've had it for about 5 years and don't think I thought I would ever read it in the end.
One of the things I was distracted by was a formal event I was lucky enough to be invited to which I needed a lovely long dress for.  I didn't have anything I felt was appropriate so I had to find something very quickly, within about three weeks in fact.  After a bit of a panic I bit the bullet and purchase a Needle and Thread dress that was on sale on ASOS and prayed it would a) arrive in time and b) fit.

Luckily it arrived quicker than expected and fit well enough that felt I could get away with!  It was slightly snug around the waist band which actually sat on the bottom of my ribs.  I prefer the slight restriction to be there though than on my actually waist because I can't stand any tightness around my stomach.  I was a little bit worried about it but after trying it on a couple of times at home on the actual night itself the waist band didn't bother me at all so maybe it stretched out a bit?
I thought the dress itself was really pretty with geometric beading which was very sparkly in the light.  I wore it with my hair curled and nude satin and lace shoes I bought from New Look a couple of years ago for a wedding.
Needle and Thread dress from ASOS

A few beads did seem to have come loose on the dress but the dress comes with a tag attached which states something along the lines of... due to the delicate nature of the dress some beads may have come loose and this is normal, or something like that.  I was a bit annoyed that there were beads missing when it was supposed to be brand new but honestly there were so many beads on it you could hardly tell.  The dress also came with a small supply of beads that matched so I could have tried to fix it up if I was really bothered.
In the end it didn't matter at all and I felt absolutely gorgeous.  I was apprehensive to spend so much money on a dress at first but then I realised, how many posh events do you get invited to in a lifetime?  Not that many actually (well for me!) so I'm glad I decided to make the most of the opportunity and treat myself to this dress, the photographs will be something I can cherish forever!

Till next time :)



  1. Well, goodness. This dress is purely magical & elegant. Bummer that some of the beads were loose!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Thank you so much!
    What size do you wear and what is the dress's size? Is it fit well?

    1. Hey, this dress was in a UK size 6. It did fit well although there was no give in the belt around the middle which was a little snug.