Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rainy Days

Yesterday was a national holiday over here.  Sadly it was a very rainy one.  Feeling exhausted from work I spent quite a lot of my three day weekend resting as much as possible.  I'm never one for staying indoors all day though; no matter how rainy it is or tired I am.  Just for something to do I suggested to my bf that we pop out for a Boost Juice.  I decided to bring along my new Canon SLR camera to try to take some pictures with.

My hearts umbrella from Accessorize!

These black wellies are from Joy and go with anything!  My sister even went out and bought some for herself after she saw them on me.

I had an energizer juice, yummy!

Today was a much nicer day, sadly though I spent the first half of it working (dancing) and the second half too tired to do anything, although I did enjoy the sunshine from inside the flat!

I love these curtains with their giant print!

Looking forward to my next weekend already! tee hee :)



  1. Loving your umbrella! Unfortunately in Northern Ireland most of our holidays are rainy! Your photography style is really cool :)

    Lorraine x

  2. Thanks Lolli! It's rainy here today again too but I don't mind as much when I have to work,