Friday, September 20, 2013

The Balm Stainiac in Prom Queen: Review

Here is another new product I bought to try in the sales.  I haven't used a lip stain in ages as I've been trying to make myself wear my lipsticks more often.  My lips are naturally really pale and normally I wouldn't wear a lipstick to work so I've been wanting to find something that will add just a little bit of natural colour.

I saw the Stainiac lip and cheek stains in the sale here and decided that the shade 'Prom Queen' would look the most natural on my lips.

I really like this product.  It's very natural looking on my lips but I think it can be built up if you want a brighter stain.  I wear just a small amount on my lips to work and don't feel over done like I would do with lipstick.  I'm glad I bought this product and wish I had got another shade to try when they were on offer!

I think you can see the colour looks really natural in these photos.

I bought a two faced Glamour to go palette yesterday which I'm looking forward to testing out and reviewing soon!

Till next time! :)


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