Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life lately: flowers, food and decorative touches

Hello there!

How are you?  I thought I'd share some photos I've collected up over the past week.  This is a plant I got as a birthday present from my dance coach at work.  Isn't it lovely?!  I just have to figure out how to keep it alive!
The weather has been really temperamental lately.  One minute it's bright sunshine and then literally twenty minutes later it's dark and cloudy with periods of rain.
On the weekend my fiancĂ© and I sat down to watch a movie and I made salted caramel popcorn using this recipe which I found on the awesome Domestic Sluttery blog.  It was delicious and I wolfed it down far too quickly!
I found this awesome glass bottle on sale at a massive discount in a home ware store I can never usually afford anything from.  I just need some flowers to put in it now!
This cute heart cushion was also a sale find in another store.
 After eating so much cake and chocolate for my birthday I felt the need to have a little health kick so I made this spinach, cucumber, warm pea, and linseed salad.
It was good but today I made it again adding sweetcorn and balsamic vinegar and I liked it even more :)

Well that was a peak in to what I've been up to these past few days.  There's a warm sweet potato shepherd's pie in the oven so I'm going to go and eat that now!

Till next time :)


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