Saturday, September 13, 2014

Little Things From My Week

This week has been a moderately stressful one for me.  I've been struggling to deal with pressures at work so in my free time I've been focusing on little treats to get through.  They seem to be mostly food related treats though from looking at the pictures!
I have trouble digesting food in the mornings so getting the fuel I need for dancing is difficult.  I have started making smoothies for breakfast and I feel much better.  I can get the fuel I need and my stomach tolerates the liquid breakfast much better than a solid one.  I worked up the courage to add some spinach to this smoothie in particular and it still tasted great!
I bought a new kettle after getting sick of finding sediment at the bottom of my tea from all the lime scale that had been building up.  The filter in it was damaged and it was an old one we'd inherited from a friend anyway.  This kettle was the cheapest decent one I could find and was on offer too.  It definitely seems to be doing a better job than the old one so far.
I bought this milk to try after not having much success with the coconut milk version.  Unfortunately I still couldn't stand the taste of it in my tea and coffee.  The taste of nut in it was very strong.  I could tolerate it in my smoothie's though I probably wouldn't buy this one again.  The taste was just too strong for me.
I bought myself some mini macarons from the supermarket as a treat.  I've never bought them before but been tempted often.  There were pink ones too but they were all gone by the time I took this photo.  They were best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.
I've been struggling to avoid caffeine recently, falling foul mostly at work during my mid morning break.  However I'm very pleased with myself for avoiding it totally now for two days in a row.  This is a picture of a decaf tea I made to go with my mini macaron afternoon treat.

Have you had a good week?  I hope so, and I hope the next one is better for me than this one was!

Twirlybirdie xxx

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