Friday, September 12, 2014

Wearing My DIY Wedding Head Band

Hello!  I recently shared a photo of a wedding head band (hair band?) I made.  I thought I would take a photo of me wearing it to get a better idea of how it would look.
 I don't know for sure that I'm going to wear it.  There seem to be myriad ways in which it could be worn.  Under the veil; over the veil; on it's own like a hair band or around the forehead.  I don't have the veil in these photos but you can see what it looks like as a hair accessory on it's own.
Here it is as a normal hair band.  I wanted something with a slight vintage feel and I think this chain which I bought from Accessorize has a slight Art Deco look to it.  I added the cream ribbon to it to make it more bridal.
Here it is around my forehead.  I got the idea to wear it like this from looking at bridal accessory websites where a hair band like this was tied around the veil with the veil covering the face.  It looks amazingly ethereal but I'm not sure how practical it would be in reality!
The sun was shining when I was taking these photos so I wanted to take some that captured the bands pretty sparkle in the sunlight.

I love a bit of sparkle.  Are you thinking of making your own wedding accessories?

Till next time :)
Twirlybirdie xxxx

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