Monday, September 1, 2014

Veil DIY, some craft details

It's time for a veil DIY update!  As I expected now that I have a dress I need to re-do my veil as it isn't exactly the right shade.  I have already bought my ever so subtly differently coloured tulle fabric and I have also collected a few different bits and pieces which I may or may not sew on to it.
I found these pretty lace appliqués in the John Lewis haberdashery section.  There were also some stunning lace fabrics in there I wanted for my veil but they were way too expensive for my budget!

These two are just so delicate and pretty.  The scattered beads sparkle in the sunlight.
I might sew these on either side of the cap.  The other piece I bought was this one.
This piece of lace is gorgeous but a bit more substantial.  This could either go across the top of the cap instead of the more delicate pieces if I want to make more of a statement.  Otherwise I was considering attaching it to the train of the veil.
These appliqués were only between £8-£10 which I thought was a pretty good price.  I'm really undecided at the moment as to how simple or extravagant I want to go with my veil right now, there are so many pretty options!

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