Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moisturising duo for very dry skin

Hello there!

How are things?  I am back in to another busy week at work.  Today I managed to spend some time in the sauna which was nice and has made me very sleepy.
I thought I would write about a trick I had recently discovered which helps me to keep my skin from getting too dry.  I have to be really careful especially in winter not to let it get dry as it can quickly turn in to eczema so I always have a substantial amount of moisturiser around.  In the summer I really liked using the Body Shop Dry Body Oil so I thought I would continue to use oils in place of or alternately with cream moisturisers for a change.  I've found that sometimes an oil really just isn't absorbed in to my skin enough and sits on top of it as a sealing barrier which is good but I really need a lot of moisture to be absorbed in to my skin as well.

I've found that using a rich moisturiser such as a body butter first on the places that really need it followed by a body oil on top is the perfect combination for moisturising and then sealing in that moisture to my skin.  It would probably be too much for people with oily skin but for my dry winter skin it is perfect.  You may have to sit in just your towel for a bit though whilst it is absorbed so you don't get grease stains on your clothes!  I will certainly be carrying on doing this in the future when my skin is getting too dry and needs some extra TLC!

I hope you have a nice evening :)


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