Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life lately: I love you apples, Marble Cake, Ebay sale


Yay the weekend is finally here :)  We're thinking of going to the cinema tonight to catch a film as we haven't been to the cinema for quite a while.
My boyfriend got me this apple for Valentine's day!
I made this marble cake at the last minute at the weekend.  I didn't have any cocoa powder though so I ended up using Nesquick.  I think this made it sweeter than it's meant to be.
  It was nice but next time I'll definitely use cocoa powder!
It was time to have a clearout so I listed a couple of items on Ebay for sale.  I really like these pieces but they're a bit too big for me.
I also put up for sale this cute Ted Baker dress!
I fancied some glitter in my life so I used the best glitter polish I currently own.
It's a bit sheer so could probably use a second coat or a base colour.  It's also awesomely named.
I hope the sun shines today so I can take some nice pictures!

Till next time :)


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