Monday, August 25, 2014

10 ways to cheer yourself up on a gloomy day

It's overcast and rainy, or maybe you just had a rubbish day.  Sometimes I feel down and it's hard to drag myself out of it.  I tried to create a list of things I can do to cheer myself up when I'm feeling gloomy.  Maybe they can help you too or maybe you can give me some of your own ideas!  Anything that takes a lot of effort is much too easy to dismiss when you're feeling blue, so I'll try to make most of these quick and easy!

1.  Run a bath
An obvious one but a brilliant one.  If you have a bath make it extra special with added sea salts or bubbles.  Light candles for extra points!

2.  Make your favourite hot drink.
On a gloomy evening I would probably go for hot chocolate, or decaf tea.

3. Watch an episode of your favourite TV programme.
Trashy TV cheers me up the quickest!  Hello PLL or Made In Chelsea.

4.  Phone a relative or a good friend.
Someone that's good at making you laugh!

5.  Read a bit of a good book
Maybe even in the bath?  Escapism is always a good idea

6.  Write lists.
Do you have a pretty notebook?  Make plans in it.  To do lists.  Things that you want to accomplish this week, this month or this year.  Look to the future.

7.  Be creative.
I always have loads of little projects I want to do in my head.   Try to start one of them.  Lose yourself in something creative.

8.  Bake
Always comforting, and you get to eat something tasty at the end of it.

9.  Put on your pj's
It feels indulgent and comforting.

10.  Clean something
It seems strange but I often feel a bit better even if I just clean or tidy one thing.  Like cleaning the bathroom mirror or the kitchen surface.

I already feel a bit better just for writing this list.  I know these things seem obvious but even just having a list to look at can sometimes be good motivation for doing something!

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