Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Extra foamy coconut soap

As my skin can be very sensitive I'm always on the lookout for non irritating but still lovely things to use on it.  I tried out a couple of soaps by the brand Nurme and they were lovely to use.  They smell amazing and are really softening for the skin.  I liked them so much I bought the Juniper scented one for a friend for her birthday and both her and her boyfriend couldn't get over how amazing the soap smelled.
I also picked up a new one for myself, the 'very foamy unscented coconut soap'.  It's 100% natural and the only ingredients listed are coconut fat and water.
I was using the chocolate and goats milk one before and it was gorgeous but a bit messy in the bathroom, thanks to the chocolate!  I've only used this once so far but it seemed pretty good.  I had doubts as to how it could foam with only coconut fat and water in the ingredients but it did manage to foam up just enough!
I'm looking forward to using this!  I'm always happy to find nice products to use with no crap listed in the ingredients :)

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