Monday, August 25, 2014

Little things from my week, red hair and milk alternatives

Some little things from this week.  I discovered these new cold tea bags.  I wasn't sure I would like them but they are actually really refreshing.  You just pop them in a cup of cold water, wait a few minutes, and you have a healthy and refreshing ice tea drink.  I find the Apple and Elderflower one adds just a hint of sweetness to the water.

I received a lovely bunch of flowers for a performance I did last weekend.  They have lasted really well and made me want to have more fresh flowers in the flat.
I re-dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago with L'oreal Casting Colours hair dye and am still loving the red tones even though they have already faded quite a bit ( it was only semi-permanent dye).
I've been trying to go dairy free as much as possible so I bought this rice and coconut milk alternative.  I'd tried various alternative milks already and not got on with them at all.  I just can't stand the taste of them in tea or coffee.  I was hoping this rice version with coconut would be better but in tea or coffee, urgh.  No.  However I've been making chocolate banana smoothies for breakfast all week and using the rice and coconut milk in this tastes great!

  I hope you enjoyed this little peek in to my week!

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