Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Berry Lipstick - Shopping My Stash

 I hope you are having a lovely day.  I'm on my break between rehearsals and feeling pretty tired already.  Phew!  At the weekend I felt like I wanted to switch up my make-up look a little.  Berry lipstick shades always seem to become popular around this time of year.  I really want to try the dark berry lipstick shade that lots of people seem to be sporting at the moment, however I don't have anything quite like that right now so I shopped my stash at home for the most berry like shade I could find.

I came across a lipstick that was one of my faves for dressed up nights out in the past, but I haven't worn it for quite a while.  The lipstick is a Clinique one from their Colour Surge range (I'm not sure it exists any more).  It's shade name 'Berry Nugget' even has the word Berry in it.  It was brighter and pinker than what I'd had in mind but even so it still felt more autumn/ winter than the more fushia toned pinks I've been wearing lately.

Clinique Lipstick shade 305
Clinique Lipstick
I teamed it with brown eye shadow and brown eyeliner as I thought black liner might look too made up with such a strong lip in the day time.  I really liked the look.  I took a picture in my bathroom as the light is much better in there compared with the dull light coming from outside at the moment.
I successfully managed to 'shop my stash'!  I was pleased to find an old favourite lipstick and wear it in a new way.  Maybe this means I will be able to put off purchasing a new lipstick for a little while longer.....maybe.....

Till next time :)


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