Monday, November 17, 2014

Life lately: Flowers, Cards and Rice Milk

Hello!  I hope you have had a lovely Monday (haha).  Luckily for me it's my day off as we work Saturdays and (Sundays too sometimes).  As seems to be the usual for my days off it was overcast and cloudy all day long :(.  It was also pretty chilly so I was convinced I was going to achieve little other than spending the day hiding under my duvet thinking of all the things I should get done whilst avoiding going outside.  As it is I actually managed to convince myself to get out the flat and go for some tea with my fiancĂ© as well as go food shopping and even hoover the flat (woo)!  This evening I'm even writing a blog post whilst I wait for the dinner to cook.  A much more productive day than I expected.  So without further ado, here is a selection of photos that I've taken from my life lately.
This is a really beautiful flower I received after the performance on Sunday.  It was given anonymously but was a lovely unexpected surprise!  So thank you mystery person :)
A card I drew to give to my sister to ask her to be a bridesmaid at my wedding.  I tried to draw a relatively accurate picture of what her dress will be like!  Her dress is so pretty, it's a vintage dress I bought from an antiques market in Marylebone.  A lovely 1930's dusky pink number.
My current favourite drink, Sea Buckthorn juice, which is apparently very good for the immune system as it is rich in vitamin C!  Perfect for the winter season when you need to start warding off colds.  I'm addicted right now and trying to stop myself from buying it every day as it's not cheap.
I bought these cute paper index notes to help me to be more organised in my notebooks.  I love writing in notebooks much more than on loose A4 kept in a ring binder, but I do find it difficult to keep track of different notes I've written on different subjects.  My brain skips around like crazy so I have blog post ideas, to do lists, general life plans etc all randomly skattered all over the notebook.  Now I can put a little sticker on a page I need to refer back to and even write on the sticky note exactly what it is.  Should have started using these ages ago!
Ever since I've tried to go dairy free the one thing I couldn't deal with was using a milk alternative in my tea and coffee.  However somehow I've managed to wean myself onto using rice or oat milk in those as well.  I've also developed an issue with caffeine too so now all my tea and coffee drinks are lactose and caffeine free!

Dinner is ready!  It's a lovely stew which is definitely something that appeals to me on these cold, dark evenings.  Unfortunately I put tumeric in it (yellow, stains easily) and then managed to splash it on my lovely cream jumper which is now lying in the bathroom smothered in Vanish.  I'm praying the stains come out!  I am so clumsy and even own the most gorgeous apron so why I never wear it those times when I really should I'll never know!

Till next time :)


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