Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oliver Bonas Earrings


I hope you're having a nice Thursday.  I got a bit stressed at work but came home and had a bath and lit some candles so I'm feeling a bit more chilled now.  In the summer I went to Oliver Bonas for the first time and really loved their jewellery.  I particularly liked the delicate real silver earrings and necklaces they do.  I bought myself these really cute cloud with lightening bolt earrings.
I get lots of comments on them when I wear them!  I checked on the website and they are still available to buy.  My fiancĂ© also bought me a necklace from there with a tiny silver letter on it of the initial of my first name.  I've always had a thing for delicate jewellery.  I'm really tempted by some of Oliver Bonas's other earrings and necklaces which I've just seen are on sale online now!

Till next time :)


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