Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Not a Paper Cup - review

Check out my cool I'm Not A Paper Cup ceramic thermal travel mug.  It was also an awesome Christmas gift.  I love it's plainness.  It's got a silicone lid and works well to keep my coffee or tea warm in the morning.  It's nice to have a lid if you're clumsy like me!  It's got a double porcelain wall with an air cavity in between for insulation which means it doesn't hold as much liquid as you would think looking at it from the outside but that's how it works I guess!  The insulation means that the outside stays cool to touch even with a hot drink inside.  It's re-usable so it's eco-friendly.  I suppose it could save you money too if you take your own coffee to work instead of buying it at coffee shop on the way.
Ultimately I just think it's fun and useful!

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