Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nivea Face Care Pure and Natural Moisturising Day Care Review

Recently I have been trying to use products with more natural ingredients.  These ranges tend to be a bit pricier than what I'd normally buy so I was happy to come across this new Pure and Natural range by Nivea.  My experience of Nivea moisturiser in the past is that it stung my sensitive skin so I've avoided using any of it's products.  I liked the sound of this new moisturisers's 95% natural ingredients.  It's free from Parabens and an affordable price which convinced me to give it a go.

I got the day cream for normal to combination skin.  I found it was a very rich cream.  I don't need to use much of it at all to cover all of my face.  There was no stinging feeling!  I've been using this as a night cream as it is a little too heavy maybe for day for my skin and there's no sunscreen protection in it.  It is good in the cold weather though when I do need something a bit richer.  I've nearly used it all up so that is a good sign that it has been useful!

Overall I would say it is a nice rich cream with more natural ingredients at a good price.  I would bear in mind though that this cream is rich and if you have naturally greasy skin it might be too heavy for it.

Having used this I definitely will be checking out the rest of the Pure and Natural range.  I'd buy this again to use when my skin is feeling dry and need of more moisture.

Hope you found this review useful!


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