Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bits and Bobs


I've got a few photos I've taken intending to either write full blog posts for in the future or include them in posts that have then seemed long enough with out them so I thought I'd collect some of them here.

This was my first attempt at using my new muffin tray.  I made muffins with prunes and seeds in them so they were healthy-ish.... They were good to take in to work for extra energy though.  The recipe is here.

I bought these glass containers to store dry goods.  I love them and want to buy more!

I bought some washi tape for future craft projects ( I just haven't figured out what yet!)  Actually I was thinking of using them to stick labels to the new kitchen jars.

I bought a milk frother so I can make foamy lattes!  My eczema has been flaring up recently so I've decided to go completely lactose free dairy wise to see if it helps.  So anyway I've been drinking frothy lactose free lattes.

I had a premiere of a new role in a show recently and was given this beautiful plant as a gift.  I know nothing about flowers though ( I think the label says Rhododendrons on it) so I hope I wont kill it off too quickly.  I thought the pink blooms looked gorgeous in the autumn evening sun.

I went for a walk today and the weather was gorgeous.  Those autumn leaves.  The sun.  Sigh.

I actually took these pictures whilst running for the bus.

Ahhh the autumn colour scheme.  Just so lovely to photograph.

Till next time!

Twirlybirdie :)

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