Saturday, October 19, 2013

Body Butter Review: Body Shop Hemp and Dr. Organic Vitamin E

Hi there!

I'm so relieved the weekend is finally here.  It's been a hard week again at work.  Not so much because of the workload but mostly because of how run down I've been feeling.  When I get run down my eczema often flares up which is unpleasant.  I've had much worse flare ups in the past with patches up and down my arms and on my neck and face but luckily it hasn't been that bad for about 7 years now.  I just tend to get it on the inside creases of my arms which is still incredibly irritating especially when I exercise for a living which tends to make it bright red.  I can't cover it up in a leotard so I try not to get self conscious about it and hope it calms down again ASAP.  I get asked questions about what it is all the time and although I know people are well meaning it just makes me even more self-conscious of it.
One thing I rely on is using a moisturiser constantly as the patches get extremely dry.  I've recently been trying to avoid using products containing parabens and one of my recent purchases was the Hemp Body Butter by the Body Shop.

This is a really nice product.  It's rich, thick and creamy and suitable for very dry skin.  Importantly it didn't irritate my skin which is very sensitive at the moment.  It has a slight green colouring to it which would be fine if you're just using it normally but for my eczema I have to really slather it on thickly and leave it to soak in and it did end up leaving the skin and any parts of my clothing which came in to contact with it a little green coloured.  So this wasn't an option for me to use for my skin outside of the home.   Because of this once the tub was almost used up I decided to seek out a colourless moisturiser for my next body butter.

My most recent purchase was the Dr. Organic Vitamin E Body Butter.  It is labelled as being a super rich moisturiser with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Jojoba.  It is a rich and creamy butter like the body shop one and feels really nice on most of my skin did sting my eczema ever so slightly when I put it on.  It wasn't terrible though and I've had this before but then it's fine after the first application has sunk in.  I'm going to persevere with this body butter because I've had this before with a moisturiser and once the eczema starts to get better the irritated feeling goes away.  In fact it's only ever the first time I apply it that there's a slight tingling sensation and then my skin relaxes and it's fine the second time I put it on.

I'll probably let you know how I get on with it in the future.  I find both these Body Butters are really nice consistency for use on normal dry skin.  My eczema is already getting better since work ended and I've had a nap.  It's definitely related to my body and immune system being stressed out.  I know I've got to get over this flu bug first and then relax as much as possible and my skin will heal.  I've really cut down my dairy intake just in case and today I bought some probiotics.  I just want to heal my body as much as I can from the inside out.

Do any of you have any moisturisers that work well for your skin?

Till next time :)


  1. Hi,

    I like your blog. I'm an exchange student here this semester and I really enjoy seeing you guys dance. I've never seen a ballett performance before (ok, I have, years ago at the dancing school where my host brother worked; but the only thing from that performance I remember is him and "his children" moving like robots around the stage while being completely wrapped in tin foil...) and now I love watching. At the moment I think it's probably the most memorable thing I'm going to take home from here. So... thanks to you and everyone!

    And yeah, don't let the grey november make you too unhappy. Hot apple juice with cinnamon and raisins inside is great!

  2. Hi. Thanks for message and for the tip! I'm glad you enjoy seeing the performances. It's always good to know the hard work is worth while. I really hope you enjoy the rest of your time here!
    best wishes
    Twirlybirdie :)