Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hair repair products for a grey autumn day of rest


How has your weekend been?  I've been resting resting resting.   Trying so hard to feel healthy again.  I started my morning off with a probiotic drink and some tea.  Actually I started off my morning with a lie-in which already made me feel much better.  Then after some tea I stared at my computer for a while before I decided that a hot bath would be the next thing to do to make me feel rested.

I snuck some Body Shop Shea Butter bubble bath in to the water and decided it was time to take care of my hair.  I've been getting really irritated with my knotted hair which seems to be falling out all over the place and generally not in the best condition.  I decided to use all my hair products which I've purchased recently especially with hair repair in mind.

I bought the L'oreal extraordinary hair oil a while ago and just haven't really got into using it yet.  Actually I was a bit put off by the mixed online reviews I read that said it could be drying if used too often and that it has alcohol in it which is drying?  I decided to give it a go today to find out for myself and put a couple of drops in my hair before shampooing and left it on for ten minutes or so.  I quite like the feel and smell of this product but I think next time I might try a more expensive hair oil with purer ingredients?
Then I shampooed my hair with the Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur shampoo which I bought because it was on offer and didn't have any parabens in it.  I was also attracted to the fact it had keratin in it.  It's not my favourite formula to use as I'm not keen on the smell but it cleans my hair just fine.  Normally I go for the Garnier colour protect shampoo which feels very moisturising but as this one was cheaper I thought I would give it a go.

Then I used the Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage hair mask which you only need to leave on for 3 minutes which is nice as I get impatient if I have to leave anything on for longer than 5!  I bought the shampoo version of this not long ago and was impressed with it and how my hair felt afterwards.  It says it's for 'very damaged, lifeless hair' which is exactly what mine feels like. I also bought this because it seemed like good value for money and I had run out of a more expensive hair mask I had but money is a bit tight lately!

Once I had washed it all out and towel dried my hair I squirted lots of the Garnier fructis nutri repair 3 oils leave in conditioner and rubbed it in a bit with my hands.

I let my hair dry naturally for as long as possible until we were going to go out (for coffee and sushi!) and then I used my hair dryer from as far away from my hair as possible to avoid heat damage.

Overall my hair does feel in better condition and I'm not sure which product exactly has made the difference.  Maybe it was the l'oreal hair oil as that is one that I really haven't been using recently.  Normally I use just one conditioning product at a time so maybe I need to do a hair pampering session where I use everything more frequently.  My hair doesn't feel amazing yet but hopefully it will get there as there is definitely a difference.  It actually smells really nice too.

I will let you know how I get on in the future with these hair products!

I was also inspired take photos of my eye make up today.  I used the gold shadow from my Too Faced palette so you can see what it looks like on .  It's quite an autumnal shade.

A very easy to wear shade of gold I think.  These pictures were taken a few hours after application so I think the shadow held up pretty well!  I hadn't used any primer so it really was the shadow all on it's own.  I also used my Maybelline Gel eyeliner and my Bourjous Beauty Full Volume mascara which I reviewed ages ago and since then has become my favourite.  Other than that I went pretty natural except for some Clinique blusher which I think had worn off by the time I took these photos!  Oh and I had also used some Art Deco Perfect Teint Concealer for under my eyes and the inner corner.  I bought this very recently and am liking it quite a lot.

I hope you're having a nice autumn day.  I'm thinking of baking some banana bread (again!) and maybe this time I'll go crazy and add some cinnamon or something, ooooo!  If you enjoyed this post please subscribe to my blog using one of the links in the right side bar of my blog.  I'd love to hear from you too if you have any tips for repairing stressed out hair!

Till next time :)  Stay rested and warm

Twirlybirdie x

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