Monday, October 7, 2013

Too Faced Glamour to Go Pocket Palette : Review

Hi there!

Recently I have become obsessed with the Too Faced make-up range.  It only recently arrived in department stores here and it really stands out, mostly because of it's super cute packaging!

I've been playing around with the testers for weeks but unwilling to splash out on anything because of the price.  In the end I decided that one of these Glamour to Go Pocket Palettes would be the best value for money and I would get to try out a few different products in one go.

Firstly the packing I'm such a sucker for.  It's so girly and cute and I love the small, portable size of this palette.  It's great that it has a mirror and a good range of 8 different eye shadows.  There is also a pretty pink blusher, a bronzer and a lip gloss.  The one thing it is missing is a set of brushes.  So you will have to carry something with you to apply the make-up with if you're taking this to use on the go.

My favourite colours to use so far in the palette are the bronze/gold or the pink eye shadows during the day.  They are both quite iridescent subtly shimmery shadows.  I like the brown shadow which is quite matte and natural looking but I've not used matte shadow much in the past and need to experiment with it a bit more.  The white shadow seems to be between a matte and a shimmer.  There is a plummy/grey shadow, a silver shadow, a dark grey and a black.  There are shadows in the palette for both day and night and I've even used them for my stage make-up!

I like the light pink blush, it's a natural and subtle pink.  I don't really know how to use bronzer but it's a pretty sparkly brown/gold which I'm sure would look great for summer.

The lip gloss is a transparent and sweet smelling shimmer.  I don't wear lip gloss normally but I can imagine I might use a dab of this in the middle of my lips over some lipstick for a night out.

I've not owned this palette for long but I've been enjoying using it most days since I bought it!  I wish I could afford to test out other products from this brand.

Otherwise I have been trying to cope with the colder weather and earlier nights.  I think it is time to get out the candles to try to cheer myself up about the end of summer!

Till next time :)


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