Thursday, February 27, 2014

Garnier BB cream


I'm still enjoying my chilled out week.  I wore white to work for ballet class today and was told I looked like a bride!  I hope I'm not going to be walking down the aisle in a white leotard and cut off tights but well you never know.....
I'm not really a foundation person.  I just don't like the feel of something thick on my skin and my skin is really sensitive.  Most of the time my skin is quite clear and if I have a blemish I just use some concealer on it.  A while ago I decided that I would give a BB cream a go as they seemed like they would be lighter and I liked the idea of having a more even complexion.  I went for the Garnier version because it was a good price and I saw it was paraben free.
I liked the way this looked on my skin, however I just didn't end up wearing it that often because I still didn't like the feel of it.  It felt a bit waxy on my skin and if I wore it everyday I felt like it would break me out, so I ended up using it for my stage make-up base instead.
I bought a second box of this product when it was on offer again and decided this time to buy the sensitive skin version.  I recently decided to give this a go as my skin had been having some trouble and I fancied more coverage.

I actually much preferred this product to the original one as the formula felt a bit wetter and less waxy and the colour of it seemed a bit less orange.  This formula contains calming allantoin and mineral pigments and it really did feel calming on my skin.  I would use it under my eyes and I felt it did make the under eye circles less visible.  I swear my skin would look even better at the end of the day after I'd been wearing this than when I had first put it on in the morning.  I see there's salicylic acid listed in the ingredients so maybe that's why.
After a couple of weeks of using this I read the ingredients properly and realised that this version of the BB cream has parabens in it!  Arghhh.  I guess I had just assumed it would be paraben free because the original formula was.  It's a shame because before I read that I had really liked using this.  It has a very sheer coverage but you can definitely see a difference to your skin when it's on.  I find it makes the skin tone more even.  You still need concealer though to hide any obvious red spots.  If you're not bothered about using parabens on your skin this is really nice stuff!  Now I'm going to be on the lookout for something similar that's paraben free.  Any suggestions?

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