Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bag haul from Aldo

Aldo shopping bag

How are you enjoying January?  It is not an easy month to get through but we are busy at work which  I'm sure will help it go faster.  The sun still sets early but it is setting later and later now with each passing day which is a reason to be cheerful in itself.  One way I cheered myself up was with a little shopping in the January sales!  I had been admiring a couple of bags for quite a while in Aldo, a selection of sparkly clutches and a beautiful floral hand bag.  I had discounted buying the hand bag because lovely as it was I could never see myself spending the amount on it it was originally priced at.  The sparkly clutch I had been toying with the idea of actually buying because I really needed a going out clutch bag and the sparkle on it was absolutely gorgeous!
Sparkly clutch bag Aldo
When I went in to the store after Christmas they had a massive sale on and both the bags were half price!  I couldn't resist the shopping bag at half price and I managed to grab the clutch in time for New Year's celebrations!  So technically not a January shopping splurge but I'll definitely be using these bags all of January.  I love both these bags and the floral optimism of the hand bag is perfect for my mood right now  It's also a really good sized bag so I can always fit in more than what I need to take with me which comes in useful.  The glittery clutch bag is great to carry just a few bits and pieces needed for a night out.  I like the wrist loop too so that you don't easily drop it.

Till next time

Twirlybirdie x