Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Beauty Gifts

Hello!  Continuing on the theme of Christmas presents from yesterday I was lucky enough to receive quite a few lovely Body Shop products from my family.  I love trying out new products and look forward to trying these in the coming year.  Some of these things I've used before and some of them I've just started trying out.  Here are my impressions so far.
The Body Shop Vitamin C Aloe Range
I got an Aloe skin care trio set.  It contained the Calming Facial Cleanser, Calming Toner and Soothing Day Cream.  I've never used any of these before but since I got them I've tested out all of them and they seem to be lovely products.  They haven't irritated my sensitive skin and are lovely to use.  I've been using the calming cleanser to take off my make-up and it does a good job.  I'll look forward to seeing how I get on with them over time.
I also got a Vitamin C Skin Care Duo.  This included the Skin Reviver and the Microdermabrasion.  The Skin Reviver is great for the winter, I have already written about it before, but I had never tried the Microdermabrasion before.  I was really surprised by how abrasive the texture was when I first used it.  I followed the instructions to apply using circular motions and rinse off.  However because of  the texture and having relatively sensitive skin I applied it in circular motions using a very very! light touch.  After rinsing it off my skin really did feel wonderfully soft.  I really liked the results and wanted to use it again as soon as possible but it says to only use it twice a week and considering how rough it is I can see why.  I also noticed it says that it is not for sensitive skin so maybe I will only be using this once a week.  I was really impressed with it though.
The Body Butter in Coconut I have used before and it does have a really lovely scent and thick creamy texture.  The Hemp Hand Protector I have yet to get use but I've heard it's really good and as the temperature here hit -15 celcius this morning I'm sure it's going to come in necessary.

Till next time :)


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