Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily Body Moisturisers: Organic Surge and Alba Botanica

Body Cream for sensitive skin

I hope your week is plodding along nicely.  I have to moisturise my skin everyday straight after washing as my skin is very dry and can get irritated quickly if I don't keep it hydrated.  A short while ago I bought the Organic Surge Sweet Blossom Body Cream and the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream for the first time.  As I was suffering from eczema it was quite important I was using something that wouldn't irritate my skin any further.  I bought two moisturisers that day and of the two of them the Organic Surge body cream was the one that got on with my skin the best.  On the pot it is written that it 'moisturises and calms to comfort, nourish and protect'.  I found this to be true.  Though it is scented with 'pure sweet orange and cedarwood essential oils' the scent is subtle and it didn't irritate the sensitive areas of my skin.  The texture is definitely lighter than a body butter but still thick enough.  It absorbed easily in to the skin after a shower or bath.
Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream

There seemed to be a slight after scent that made me think of calamine lotion.  Perhaps that is something to do with the soothing element of the cream.  I have gone through this fairly quickly and would consider buying it again.  Overall a nice product that I wish would have lasted me longer!
Strongly scented sweet body cream

The other body moisturiser I bought that day was the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream.  The blurb on the tub says 'deep moisturising kuikui nut to nurture and smooth, hypo-allergenic'.  This is thicker and waxier in texture to the Organic Surge body cream and much more strongly scented.  Unfortunately this cream did irritate my skin where the eczema had flared up.  I wasn't surprised by this because of the intensely strong scent coming from the cream.  This doesn't mean I haven't used it though.  The scent is strong and sickly sweet so will only be enjoyed if you really like a super sweet scent.  I have to say that irritation or not the scent is to my taste and I have used this on areas of skin that aren't sensitive such as my legs and upper body.  The scent is so strong that I feel as though I am wearing a perfume after putting this on!    Now that my eczema has disappeared again I can use this with out stinging all over my body but tend to only do this on occasions just in case.

I will be on the look out for another body moisturiser soon as the Organic Surge one has all but run out.  I should probably stick with what I know and re-purchase this one however I love trying out new things!  If you have any suggestions for lovely moisturisers for sensitive skins please let me know!

Till next time :)

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