Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Favourites

Chanel Lipstick Tromphe

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Happy end of January!  We made it to the end of the month, woohoo!  The sun has already set here and it's not yet 5pm so there are still some improvements to be made season wise but at least we're moving closer the spring as we enter the month of February.  Honestly I think this is the most on time I've ever been with my favourites!  So without further ado...
  • Body Shop Microdermabrasion 
I loved this from the first moment I tried it.  It says it's not for sensitive skin and mine can be quite sensitive so I applied the product very lightly in circular movements on my wet skin.  The texture of the product feels very gritty and almost like sand mixed with cream.  My skin was so lovely and soft when I washed it off that I wanted to use it again the next day!  However it says not to use it more often than twice a week and taking in to account my sensitive skin I've only been using it once a week.  Particularly after a show when I've had a lot of make-up on my face I like to use this to feel like my skin has had a proper deep clean.
  • Chanel Lipstick Coco Rouge in Triomphe
I already wrote a review of this when I bought it.  The colour is beautiful and really warms my face.  It is long lasting however because of that it can be drying so I can't wear it every day or my lips get really dry.  A nice first Chanel make-up purchase that has left me wanting to buy more shades from the range.
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold
I bought this at the same time as I bought the shade On and On Bronze and for a long time Pink Gold was left languishing in my make-up drawer in favour of it's pretty bronze sibling.  Recently I found myself wanting a natural looking brightening shade on my lids and this finally started getting used.  It's so pretty but originally I felt that it just wasn't enough on it's own with just some mascara to make an impact.  I've been wearing it with a touch of black eye liner on the outer corners of my eye lid and combined with this the brightening cream eye shadow looks very pretty.
  • Topshop Lip Paint in Hibiscus
I got this in the Christmas sales and am in love with the colour and texture.  It's so bright and creamy and not drying on the lips at all.  The colour pigmentation is amazing!  Despite the creaminess it also seems to last a long time on the lips.  The only downside is that the shade is so bright I don't feel like I can wear it as often as I'd like to (every day).  I think this has been discontinued but the packaging is identical to their Lip Varnish lipsticks so maybe they're a similar product?  If it is I'd be willing to try them in other shades.
  • Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser
I got this for Christmas and I've been using it a lot to take of my make-up. It's just a nice, simple, does what it says on the tin, facial cleanser.  It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and has a refreshing, light and pleasant scent.

So those were my favourites for this month.  Almost all sales purchases and Christmas gifts.  I got a lot of Body Shop products for Christmas and have been loving them all but had to narrow it down to these two to stop it becoming just a Body Shop haul!

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