Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coasters from Joy

home ware by Joy

It's nearly Wednesday, that's mid-week for most people!  Sadly for me it's still only the start seeing as I work Tuesday to Saturday.  The weather here has gotten a bit warmer which means that all the snow has turned to water and ice so conditions are pretty treacherous.  When I'm walking to work it takes some focusing to stay upright!
I wanted to show you these cute coasters I got from my sister for Christmas.  They feel really luxurious as they are glass and have such a pretty print on them.  I've always loved the Joy home section but never brought myself to fork out for something nice for my home as I'm always moving around.  I was a bit concerned about transporting these home as they felt so heavy being glass but now that I have them here I'm glad I did.
I got four of them and they're really pretty to put around the house.  I've never had glass coasters before, only plastic or flimsy cork ones so these make a nice change.  One day I hope I'll have a more permanent base that I can fill with more pretty things like this!

Till next time :)


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